MTV Roadies X2 Winner Name, Photo, Grand Finale Date with Eliminated Contestants Name

MTV Roadies X2 the most popular show among the youth of India is going to get it’s winner on coming 27th June 2015 as the date is schedule for MTV Roadies X2 finale and this day we could see the Ultimate Winner of MTV Roadies X2 (Season 12). I know you might want to know who is the expected winner of Roadies X2 and who are the contestants who eliminated from Roadies X2? Well I am sharing everything with you with Highlighted point below so bear with this post to know your questions answer.

MTV Roadies X2 Winner Name & Photo

This point will be update on 27th of June with the MTV Roadies X2 Winner photo. So you have to bookmark or save this page for future to know who is the ultimate winner of MTV Roadies X2?

What is MTV Roadies X2 Winner Finale Date & Time?

The answer is that show will telecast on MTV India as usual on Saturday and further details are as follows:
Finale Date: 27th June 2015
Day: Saturday

Who is the Expected Winner of MTV Roadies X2?

Prince Vs Gurmeet MTV Roadies X2The expected winners of MTV Roadies X2 are “Gurmeet & Prince” from the gang of “Rannvijay & Vijender” as they are the good friends and it’s really hard to fight against your best friends. So, it’s really going to very interesting what task they have to do to won the title of “Winner of Ultimate Roadies X2”. Below I am sharing 20th June full episode video for you. So that, you can know how they become the finalists of MTV Roadies X2.

Name List of MTV Roadies X2 Eliminated Contestants

In this section I am sharing the name list of the contestants who eliminated I know you already know who are the expected winner of roadies X2 but still would like to share the name list of contestants in case you want to see these contestants photo can click here “MTV Roadies X2 Contestants Photo”.

Esha Gang

Mamta Eliminated
Rajatdeep Eliminated
Shruti Eliminated
Neetu Eliminated
Harsh Eliminated
Archis Eliminated

Karan Gang

Ajay Eliminated
Victoria Eliminated
Bhuvan Eliminated
Ishpi Eliminated
Hussain Eliminated
Nabila Eliminated
Nihal Eliminated
Rizwan Eliminated
Naman Eliminated


Vijender Gang

Kajal Eliminated
Ishita Eliminated
Chahat Eliminated
Amaneet Eliminated
Mandeep Eliminated
Jay Eliminated

Rannviajy Gang

Monica Eliminated
Varun Eliminated
Aviral Eliminated
Madhuri Eliminated
Divya Eliminated
Shubham Eliminated
Martina Thariyan Eliminated

Hope you find everything about the MTV Roadies X2 here on this page if anything missing just drop me your thought in comment box. Thanks for reading don’t forget to like and share this post as soon we will get the ultimate winner of MTV Roadies X2 but if you want to know who was the winner of previous season then read this post “MTV Roadies Winners List of All Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12