The Difference between Sneakers and Shoes

In the modern world of frenetic days, the blend of fancy and comfortable footwear, the shoes, and sneakers are in top position. For everyday work, people prefer to have something that soothes their feet instead of generating pain. The most suitable rescue to painless 24-hour workday is having a nice pair of footwear. When we talk of comfort, the term shoe strikes our mind at very first. However, the new generation of youth is so much impressed by the design and creativity of the sneakers too.

Many people often pronounce the two terms- sneakers and shoes interchangeably. However, there exist some significant differences between this footwear. Many people might be knowing it; but, to make you more aware of it and give you proper information, we will discuss these two footwear in brief. Apart from having distinctive physical appearances, they have some uncommon features in functioning too. Let us look at some necessary distinctive features of good sneakers and shoes:

  1. Sneakers:

There is an interesting story behind its name! The term sneaker was derived from the word sneak. Just like you want pin drop silence while sneaking somewhere, similarly, these shoes do not create noise while walking/running. You must know that all sneakers are made up of rubber soles, but not all the rubber sole shoes are sneakers. These shoes provide extreme comfort and hence are best for daily wear. You can also prefer them while playing sports.

  1. Shoes:

The term shoe is quite vague and vast too! If you do not specify properly, a sneaker will also come under the category of shoes only. Shoes are the essential footwear that people wear to protect their feet. These are usually made from synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyurethane, and leather. Shoes can be classified into two categories- formal and informal. The formal ones are mostly made up of leather. Shoes are great for formal events, sports, and daily wear too.

  1. How do they differ?
  • Material: Shoes mostly contain textiles and fabrics which are synthetic such as polyurethane, nylon, and leather. Shoes also have a foam filling inside them. Sneakers are usually made from rubber and pinatex. The sneakers provide more sports utility to the user.
  • Purpose: You can readily use all kinds of shoes for casual use, such as jogging, running, or daily wear. One can also use sneakers for the same purposes. But, apart from that, you can also include sneakers in your sports training and other athletic purposes.
  • Price: As it is quite clear that sneakers offer more versatility to the user. Therefore, the price of sneakers is quite higher than the casual shoes. However, the formal shoes often have similar cost like sneakers. It mostly depends on your selection of the brand.
  • Durability: Both the shoe and sneakers are durable enough. Again, it is not about the shoe or sneaker, it is about the quality that you pick. A sneaker can be equally durable as shoe or vice versa.
  • Varieties: Shoes are mostly of plain and basic colors. However, you can get many brilliant designs in the sneakers.

We hope this was helpful for all of you. Thank you!