Top 5 Best Ink Tank Printer Brands In India

With developing technology, the printer tools also have developed. There is a shift from inkjet printers to ink tank printers. Inkjet printers are cost-effective and incorporate the latest tech such as Wi-Fi connectivity and USB port connectivity.

Let us take a look at leading 5 Brands of best Ink Tank Printer within India

Epson ink tank printers

These printers are extremely high for business purposes as it prints quickly and with decent print quality. It is affordable in price and one among the best ink tank printers in india. They are known to have printhead issues and without any crash warning.

Some primary features

Print speed is 15 pages for colored print and 33 pages for black and white print in a minute and around 400 pages a day.

It provides photos of high resolution.

It consumes less ink.

It has an all-in-one functionality of scanning, printing, and copying and comes in variant page sizes of A5, A4, C6, and A6.

It does color printing and duplex printing that is needed for numerous college and school projects.

It has a USB port and is enabled with Wi-Fi for trouble-free documents transfer.

It offers free of cost installation to a laptop or a mobile.

It is suitable for multitasking with dual tray functionality and minute tasking in offices and homes.

Canon Pixma ink tank printers

This brand is very popular in the printing industry. However, they are narrowed in excellence as compared to Hp brands. They are high end and an all-rounder, but some issues are associated with them.

Some primary features

Print speed is 5 pages for colored print and 8.8 pages for black and white print in a minute.

It has a touch screen that makes it simple to operate.

It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Ideal for bulk orders with any quality compromise.

HP- Hewlett Packard Printers

You will see that most of the top model printers are of this brand. This brand is an all-rounder in the printing industry and one shall face no major issues with this brand.

Some primary features

Print speed is 4.5 pages for colored print and 7.5 pages for black and white print in a minute.

It has good quality and affordable price.

It is energy saving.

It minimizes carbon footprints.

It has app support and good customer care.

It is multifunctional with USB port connectivity with 25 sheets output every time.

Brother ink tank printers

They are not so well known in the printing industry but they are good to do the job of printing. These are dependable and regarded as a workhorse type.

Some primary features

It is budget-friendly.

It provides an easy refill process.

It is Wi-Fi enabled, USB2 port with LCD.

It supports multiple OS and has a high print resolution of 1,200 dpi x 6,000 dpi max.

It carries a transparent and high capacity ink tank that makes it simpler to identify low ink.

Lexmark printers

Lexmark printers are usually low in price. But, it is meant for the intermittent type of printers.

Several ink tank printers have come into the market and it is challenging to select the best among them. Hence, the above listing of the top 5 printer brands will help you to purchase the most suitable for your needs.