Top 10 Best Courses After 12th for Science Stream Students in 2016

After giving your final 12th science board exam, there are a lot of thoughts in the mind, as to what one must do after this. There are several courses one can do after 12th science, which is available and you can opt anything you like. Many times a student even opt for something off beat and not anything in technology or anything related to science like they pursue their further education in the field of media or any other creative field. But a majority of the students go in for the science courses. The courses can be endless, but there are few, which are very common and a lot of students opt them. These courses even offer various job opportunities and, therefore, it is one of the prime reasons why a student must opt one of the below-mentioned course after 12th science. Pursuing education in Science opens a lot of doors for further education or courses in the science area. Here is a list of Top ten best courses after 12th for science stream students in 2016.


A majority of the population in the country depends on farming and agriculture and it is one of the most important things that adds to the GDP of the Indian Economy and pursuing the career in this particular is very beneficial and it is one of the courses that you can do after 12th science. The various courses available are B.Sc. in Agriculture, B.Sc. in Agriculture Biotechnology, B.Sc. in Agronomy, B.Sc. in crop Physiology, B.Sc.Hons. In Agriculture and many more courses.

9. Bio Technology:

As the name suggests, this course is a mixture of biology and technology and it is one of the courses after 12th that you can select and pursue further education in this field. It is a modern way of treating or working in the biological department and it has a lot of future. The various courses available are B.Sc. in biotechnology, Diploma in Biotechnology, B.E in Biotechnology and many more courses.

8. Forensic Science:

This is one of the best career options after 12th science and it has a lot of future. Though studying forensics and working in the forensic labs can be a little tough for a lot of students but it is one of the interesting courses that is available for the students to 12th standard. The courses that are available are B. Sc. in life and science, B.SC in Forensic Sciences, and various Diploma courses in Forensic Science where you can specialize in Crime, fingerprints, computer forensics and ballistics.

7.  Zoology:

If you love animals, and if you are Science students, then this can be the best course for you after 12th science. This course deals with the various kinds of animals, living and extinct. It is a very board course and in this, you will learn a lot of various and different kinds of animals. The courses available are B.Sc. in Zoology, B. science (Honors) zoology, in Aquaculture, B.Sc. in zoology and animal biotechnology.

6. Geology:

This is one of the courses after 12th science that a student can opt. It is interesting to learn about the earth. And the course is very vast and it deals with the study of different organisms that are inhabited on the earth. And not just that you can opt for courses that deal with ocean, hydrology or geostatistics. The Courses options are B.Sc. in Geology, B. Sc. honors in Geology, or you can go for a PG Diploma course that offers courses in environmental geology/engineering geology and ground water.

5. Microbiology:

As the name suggests, microbiology deals with the study of living organisms. And these living organisms can either be cells, fungi, bacteria or any kind of viruses. There is a lot of scope in this field and it is one of the best courses in 12th science for the students. The courses available are B. Sc. honors in Microbiology, B. Science in microbiology, and various diploma courses like diploma in clinical microbiology or pathology or industrial microbiology.

4. Food Technology:

It is one of the best courses in today’s era as the demand for processed food is increasing rapidly. A science student can opt for this course after their 12th grade. A food technologist deals with various food products and looks after the production and the chemicals, preservatives any such things. There are various courses available for you to choose from like B. Sc. in Food Preservation and Processing, B. Sc. in Food Processing, B. Sc. in food processing and technology, B. Sc. in Food Technology, Diploma in Sugar Technology and Diploma in Fish Processing.

3. Textile:

The textile industry is growing rapidly and it is one of the courses after 12th science a student can opt for. The textile industry is growing rapidly and a lot of science students who understands chemicals and various things are in great demand. A career in this profession is growing. There are a lot of courses available in this particular field are Diploma in Textile Tech, Diploma in Textile engineering, diploma in fabrication tech and erection engineering, B.E. in textile technology, B.E. in textile Chemistry, B.E. in man-made Fiber Technology.

2. Architecture:

This is one of the best courses in 12th science and also has a lot of career options. An architect is always in demand and one can opt for the various options that are available in this field and can specialize in it. An Architect job is a white-collar job and is one of the most respected jobs in the country. There are various courses available like B.Tech in Architecture, Bach Engineering in Architecture, Diploma in Architecture Engineering, Diploma in Architecture Assistantship.

1. Information Technology:

This career option after the 12th science is the most common option, which is opted by millions of people after they finish their 12th grade. There are various IT Colleges in the country and there are many reputed IT companies in India such as Infosys, Wipro, TCS and many other companies. The courses available in IT are IIT’s, BITS Pilani and many more colleges.