Top 10 Best LED TV Brands Under Rs. 30000 in India

Due to the advancement in technology, many things in our life have gained the place of old technologies because of the rapid increase in the new technology. Like Television is one of them. After the black and white TV, colored picture TVs become important in the world, after that many several technologies like LCD had replaced them too. Now LED TVs are available in the market to replace the LCD TVs as well.

LED Televisions can be seen in almost every modern house. Before you also get up to buy a LED TV, you must check the top brands of LED TV in India that have the classic price range of fewer than 30,000.

10. AOC: it is a multinational company that is famous in selling the electrical equipment all over the world. It is the 10th most popular brand that sells the reliable LEDs in India with the minimum price range starting from below 30,000. LEDs of this company offer wide variety of LEDs with the minimum power consumption in just RS. 24,490.

09. Philips: starting from the price range of RS. 28,378, Philips is standing on the rank number 9th in our list because of its good quality and good screen resolution of LED TVs. It has won the hearts of many Indians with the quality and excellent features. This price range is valid in almost all the cities of India including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and many others.

08. Panasonic: a worldwide famous name in electronics, Panasonic is one of the famous multinational companies for its quality products. LED TVs of this company are equally popular and reliable and are famous all around the India with the awesome sound and picture quality. LEDs of this company are excellent products which are available in just RS. 23,699 only.

07. Toshiba: standing on number 7th rank, Toshiba is the famous multinational company having branches spread all over the world. It is famous selling LED TVs in India with the attractive prices starting from just RS. 20,999 only. The outstanding pixels, sound quality and Screen Size have won the hearts of numerous people in India.

06. Sony: the worldwide famous Japanese Company, Sony is the best-selling electronics company all over the world. It is the 6th most famous company in India regarding the quality and price of LEDs. Starting from the price range of 28,499, Sony is reliable company in selling the LEDs all over the India.

05. Videocon: the Videocon is the one of the oldest companies that has made place in the market after its few years of establishment. The LED TVs of this company are good in terms of performance and quality as well. The quality features of Videocon starts from the unique price of 28,000 only.

04. Intex: in the price range around 30k, Intex has also got the name in the famous brands. The television offers the quality features in the considerable low prices starting from just RS. 26,000. This brand captures attention because of its sleek and unique designs.

03. Vu: the new comer in the brands of electronics, Vu has survived to stand on the number 3rd in our ranking because of its quality products. The LED screen of the Vu is HD and is famous for displaying images in the very reasonable price of 24,000 only.

02. Micromax: the LED TVs in the India of Micromax is famous because of the quality products and viewing angles. The Micromax is priced around 24,000 which is very affordable and full of entertainment.

LG LED TV01. LG: it is the leading brand of electronics for its worldwide purchased products. The price range of the LED TVs starts from just 29,000 with the amazing features at a great price. The company LG is the best choice for choosing products under the affordable prices.

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