Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands by Electricity Consumption

Consumer appliances such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines and refrigerators / fridge go a long way to make our lives comfortable, but at the same time, they raise the power bills by consuming a lot of electricity. It is advised that one should take into consideration the electricity consumption of these products before buying them, so that one does not have to come across high power bills in future.

Here are the top 10 best refrigerator brands in India by electricity consumption


One of the best brands of refrigerators in India in terms of low electricity consumption is Sharp, which has a trusted reputation attached with it. The models offered by the brand are loaded with best features, which help consumers save on their power bills.


Hitachi is a global leader among refrigerator brands, which excels in terms of power saving by reducing the electricity consumption. At the same time, there is no compromise in terms of performance and use of latest technology for innovative products.


Another well known refrigerator brand which has been able to establish a stronghold in the Indian market on account of its power saving performance is Haier, which is considerably a new entrant but has made a name for itself. It showcases a large range of models, which boast of great performance and good looks.


Videocon is another key player in the consumer electronics market of India, which has developed a trustworthy reputation over a period of years. The refrigerators of this brand are stars in terms of performance as well as helping consumer cut on their power bills.


When we talk about the best power saving refrigerator brands in India, Panasonic is a name to reckon with. The fridges of this brand not only excel in terms of performance and electricity saving, but are also price affordably.


Next on the list of the top 10 best refrigerator brands in India by power consumption is Whirlpool, the trusted global leader. The star rated products ensure that there is not a big hike in your power bills once you invest in a fridge of this brand. Long lasting fresh and healthy food is a bonus point.


Godrej is one of the oldest manufacturers of consumer goods in the country, which showcase top quality models with low power consumption and outstanding performance, even at low voltage. The latest six star refrigerator models by this brand guarantee fresh and delicious food with the usage of minimum electricity.


Kelvinator is a name synonymous with trust, as buying this refrigerator for your home means that you get fresh and healthy food without being plagued by exorbitant power bills. Also, the brand brings affordability and great features along with durability and best looks.


Featuring next among the top 10 best refrigerator brands in the Indian market in terms of power consumption is LG, which helps consumers save as much as 30% in electricity bills as compared to other brands. These refrigerators are stylish looking and high performing, in addition to being reasonably priced.


Samsung is a consumer goods brand which has a trusted reputation in the Indian market, on account of brilliant performance, extraordinary features and amazing looks. Consumers also rely on this brand because it promises the lowest electricity bills.

Buying one of these refrigerators this summer will help you get great performance, without exerting too much pressure on your pocket in terms of power bills. if you have any doubt or suggestion can drop via your comments in below box.

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