Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioner Brands

As the summer of 2015 is approaching, there is an increase in demand of air conditioners in the market, which are available in window and split variants. People who have the option of installation of window ACs in their rooms prefer this option because of economy and also for the fact that their installation is comparatively easier.

Here is a list of top 10 best window air conditioner brands in India in 2015:

10.Blue Star

One of the best AC brands in India in 2015 is Blue Star, which is popular not only in India but also in the international market, with stores and service centers at a number of countries including USA, UK, Malaysia and Singapore. The brand boasts of latest technology for high cooling with low power consumption. A 1.5 window AC model is available at a starting price of Rs 24390.


Hitachi is a Japanese air conditioner brand, which has become a leading name in the Indian market today. The brand is recognized for its durability, power saving and high end latest features. The price of 1.5 ton window AC of this brand starts at Rs 26490.


Carrier is another reputed name in the Indian AC market, which has earned great fame for presenting world class window air conditioners with best features at affordable prices, making it accessible to common people. The starting price of 1.5 ton window AC is Rs 24900.


When we talk about the most reasonably priced window air conditioners in India in 2015, LG is amongst the leaders in the list. The brand excels in features, with high tech cooling for pure and fresh air, without skyrocketing the power bills. Prices start at Rs 20920 for 1.5 ton window AC model.


Featuring next on the list of top 10 best window air conditioner brands in India in 2015 is one of the oldest brands in consumer electronics in the country, Godrej. This brand is reputed for top quality with excellent after sales services and affordable price, which start at Rs 27290 for a 1.5 ton model.

5.O General

O General is the second name of trust, when it comes to talking about quality and durability of window ACs in the country. The brand is known for great cooling with low power consumption. The starting price of 1.5 ton model is 30990.


Daikin is one of the oldest AC brands in the country, which was established in 1924 and has today earned a place of repute in the Indian market. It supplies window ACs which use cutting edge technology for excellent performance with minimal electricity bills. The price of 1.5 ton models starts at Rs 27161.


If you are looking for great quality coupled with reasonable pricing, then Whirlpool is the right window air conditioning brand for you. You can buy a feature laden 1.5 ton window AC from Whirlpool at the starting price of Rs 26490.


Excellent features, great durability, low electric bills and economical price, all are guaranteed for those who pick the brand Samsung while buying window air conditioners. The price of a 1.5 ton model starts at Rs 21550.


One of the most popular window AC brands in the Indian market in 2015 is Voltas, which showcases a wide range of economical products, all of which carry outstanding features as far as performance and power saving are concerned. The brand has made ACs accessible to middle class segment, with price of 1.5 ton models starting at Rs 20290.

All these brands make the key players in the Indian market at present and can be trusted by buyers who are looking value for money deals.

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