Valentine Day Best Proposal Ideas for Girlfriend

Though every day in your life becomes special when you are in love, but Valentine Day is an extra special day if you wish to propose your girlfriend. In case you have been spending time with her but have not yet expressed your true feelings towards her, it can be an ideal occasion to do so. If done in the right way, it will definitely fetch a positive response for you.

Here are some of Valentine Day best proposal ideas for girlfriend:proposal ideas for girlfriend

Propose her on a Romantic Date

Valentine Day is the best time to take her out on a romantic date and propose her. Plan a picnic, movie or a candle light dinner in advance and make it the most romantic time in her life. If you take her for a picnic, you can say it with a heart shaped cake and red heart shaped balloons saying those three magic words. Or you can propose her in the middle of her favorite romantic movie. Better still, you can arrange a romantic evening, complete with music, candles, roses and the best food and wine.

Write your Feelings

For this one day, just forget the tough side of your personality and bring out your emotions on the paper. Just express your heart out on a love letter and say how much you love her. She will never forget this expression of your love and cherish it for a life time.

Give her a Loving Gift

Express your passionate feelings to the special lady in your life by surprising her with a beautiful gift on this Valentine Day. You can pick an exquisite piece of jewelry like a diamond ring or pendant, if your budget permits. For those who cannot spend much, there are many other inexpensive options such as a bouquet of red roses, a box of chocolates, a cuddly teddy bear saying “I Love You” or a pretty photo frame. The gift need not be expensive, but in must be expressive enough to show the depth of your feelings.

Say it in Front of Everyone

If your girlfriend is an extrovert and loves showing off, then the best way to express your feelings towards her is in front of all your friends. For this purpose, you can organize a group party and then proposing her right there. Another cool idea of proposing your girlfriend is by dedicating a love song to her on a radio show.

Sing for Her

Make the proposal very special by singing her favorite romantic song on this special day. You can take a short practice course for the same. Still, if you are not a good singer, play the song for her and propose your love to her.

If you want to express your feelings to your loved one, open your heart and say it out. This Valentine Day, just leave all your hesitation and grab the chance to say “I Love You” to your girlfriend. She would love to hear it!