What are the different coloured garbage bags?

Garbage bags are made of several materials, and polymers are used in the manufacturing process. No doubt garbage bags make things easier to dump waste in the right place. However, when you are looking for the purchase of garbage bags, you can find colour options.

To a layman, all of the garbage bags might seem like the same thing, but there is a specific function related to the colours. If you are out there in the market, you can find three different colours available to choose from. These colours are –

  • Black Garbage Bags
  • Clear Garbage Bags
  • White Garbage Bags
  • Blue Recycling Bags
  • Yellow garbage Bags
  • Red Plastic Bags

Each colour focus on the different type of waste. If you are out there in the market for the purchase of garbage bags, then you should know that –

  1. Black Garbage Bags

These bags are used in non-recyclable trash, and you can consider them for general waste. Anything in this bag can’t be seen from the outside and you can place these bags outside of your home for pickup. These bags are available in different sizes so that you can have a perfect bag for your house, apartment or office.

  1. Clear Garbage Bags

For paper or cardboard waste material, clear garbage bags offer perfect usability. Anything in the trash bag is recyclable, and it will be shipped to a paper recycling plant. Most companies use these bags for shredded papers. These bags usually go into the recycling unit, and you can find medium size only.

  1. White Garbage Bags

No doubt that white garbage bags are commonly preferred in the kitchen and bathroom. All the organic waste or biodegradable waste is dump into these bags. The material inside the white garbage bag can decompose.

  1. Blue Recycling Bags

To identify the recyclable material among garbage, blue recycling bags are preferred. These are large bags that can be used for plastic material. You can throw polybags inside this recycling bag, and any plastic waste is dumped into these bags.

  1. Yellow garbage Bags

Any hazardous waste, which requires handling with care goes into the yellow garbage bag. These bags are used for infectious waste, biohazard wastes and hazardous material.

  1. Red Plastic Bags

You might have noticed that red plastic bags are commonly found in hospitals for medical waste. Well, medical waste can’t be dumped into the normal garbage because there are many biological or pathological items inside it. So, these bags are also handled with care.

The Final Verdict

Using the adequate type of garbage bag is necessary to avoid dumping recyclable waste in the wrong place. Some people mistakenly use wrong colour garbage bag, but don’t do this mistake. Most type of plastic is recyclable. Among all the hazardous plastic items, strows are the common ones, and they are hard to deal with.

At the same time, the function of these coloured garbage bags is followed in the USA. It might vary based on the state or country.