What are the legal Rights of Women in India??

As the time are changing the threatening to the life is increasing with it. One does not feel safe in this environment. In this world the goddess are being worshipped but if we ask for the safety of women it is not at all there. They are being looked like as a property and are harassed as and when the men’s like. For this the law has made several legal rights of women or female in India based upon the events happened with the women in the due course of time as a protection for them. Each woman should be aware of these rights and some of the rights are as below –

Legal Rights of Women in India

legal rights of women in india

1. Right to say no towards the sexual harassment

It is essential to have the committee of the women headed by the women only which has around 50 percent of the employees as women. If not then the employer should create Sexual harassment committee for complaints by the women.

2. Right to do the complaints through other means

She has the right to do the complaint through the registered post or email addressed to the senior officer in police like the Deputy Commissioner of the police. She does not need to come to the police station and can lodge the complaint.

3. Right to have free aid

If any woman goes to the police station without a lawyer for doing a complaint then if she is being harassed or quoted wrong for all her statements. As per the ruling of the court she could get the legal aid and a lawyer will be arranged for her.

4. Right to lodge Zero FIR

The victim of rape can go to any police station and can lodge a FIR. For this she does not need to go the area police station only. The senior officer of the police station will then need to tell the concerned police station for lodging a complaint.

5. Right to have the privacy

Woman who has suffered with rape can have the right to record the statement in front of magistrate in private without anyone could know anything. She could record the statement with the lady police officer or constable.

6. Right of not calling in the police station

It was the right of the woman to not call the police station for the interrogation instead a lady constable can come to their home for interrogating. The interrogation can be done by the police lady constable, family members and friends.

7. Right to have no arrest in odd hours

As per the ruling of the court, a woman could not be arrested in the odd hours such as before sunrise and after sunset. It has been found that the women’s are not treated well during the odd hours.

8. Right to do the untimely report of the complaint

Women does have many of the reasons to not go to the police station such as family pressures, life threatening, reputation of the family and various reasons. Cops could not refuse to register their complaint on the basis that they are late or for any other reasons. She has the right to live with dignity and no one can refuse it.

9. Right to keep the confidentiality

It was the right of the rape victim to hide its confidentiality from the public and under no circumstances she should be forced to reveal its identity. While the case hearing is going on she should be addressed as a victim.

10. Right to have the justice against crime

A victim of the rape cannot be said that she is not the victim though even doctor says so. She has the right to take the copy of medical from doctor. It is not only the doctor who can say that the rape has been conducted or not.

One should be aware of all these rights and should take the proper steps if anything wrong happened with them or any of their known to.