What is IRCTC Wallet? Features, Registration & Benefits

In order to encourage digital payment options, IRCTC has been promoting the use of eWallet. IRCTC has added eWallet feature for a passenger so they can deposit some amount of money in advance and use it later when it comes to pay money while booking tickets. The catering and e-ticketing Indian Railways’ platform, Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation or IRCTC has revamped its official portal (irctc.co.in). If you are wondering what IRCTC eWallet is, please read on. Here, you will get all information about IRCTC eWallet.

About IRCTC Wallet

IRCTC wallet or IRCTC eWallet is a very beneficial scheme by Indian Railways for the convenience of passengers. Under this scheme, users or passengers can deposit money in IRCTC portal and use it later for making payments while booking tickets. However, they can also use other payment options to pay money when booking tickets. Here are some of the benefits of IRCTC eWallet scheme –

  • Secure and stress-free transactions
  • You can save your valuable booking time by skipping payment approval process.
  • Save extra charges of using Payment Gateway on each ticket you book.
  • Manage your account online and recharge online.
  • You can also reduce your dependency on a specific bank. In case the server of your bank goes offline, you can still book your tickets from your eWallet account in IRCTC website.

Key Features of IRCTC Wallet

  • Secured Access – IRCTC provides secure banking with eWallet from IRCTC by offering PIN Number/Transaction Password which should be entered for every booking using IRCTC eWallet.
  • User Authentication – the IRCTC eWallet users will be authenticated and verified through their Aadhaar or PAN in Online Verification.
  • Secure login – IRCTC eWallet is very secure by IRCTC. For every booking through eWallet, users have to enter PIN number/ Transaction Password.
  • Easy Refund – In case you cancel your ticket, refund will be credited to your eWallet directly.
  • Complete History – You will also get a link of IRCTC eWallet which provides eWallet Transaction History, Change Transaction Password, and IRCTC eWallet Payment History.

Quick steps to register and book tickets using eWallet IRCTC Next Gen website –

  • Use your current IRCTC user id and password to login to IRCTC
  • Click the link “IRCTC eWallet Registration” under IRCTC eWallet Section in the page “Plan My Travel”.
  • Provide Aadhar or PAN number to finish verification process.
  • You have to deposit registration fee worth Rs. 50/- (Exclusive of Service Tax) for one time online with any payment methods available.
  • Redemption and Membership fee may change any time by IRCTC
  • You can add minimum balance of Rs. 100 on IRCTC eWallet and add any amount to book your tickets. You can add up to Rs. 10000 which is maximum permissible amount in your account.
  • Now you can pay the booking amount using eWallet which can be shown as payment option with other banks.
  • For more detailed information check this site: https://www.irctcnextgen.in/


  • Registration fee of Rs. 50 + Service Tax is non-refundable.
  • No redemption/no cash refunds allowed
  • 10 + Service Tax will be charged per transaction as Transaction Charge
  • One can use eWallet balance only for booking train tickets.
  • It is available only to the IRCTC Next Gen users who have Indian mobile number and are registered as Indian Nationals.