Your PC / Laptop Could be Hacked through Flash Player Know How to Protect it by Disabling Flash Player??

Disable Adoble Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player” is not safe to use if you are using it then your PC or laptop could be hacked by hackers because hackers run their code on your PC if you are using Flash Player. To protect your PC from hackers you must disable or update the latest version of Flash Player. As per newste Adobe Flash Player version for Windows and OS X and for Linux is affected which is not safe to use.

After finding this problem “Adobe Flash Player” has launched its latest versions for Linux Users and for Windos & OS X latest version is So, it would be better for all the users to update their Adobe flash player with the latest versions. Adobe has recommended all the users of Flash player Globaly to Delete or Disable the Adobe Flash Player plugin. Now, the question is how to delete or Disable this plugin well it’s explained in detail below.

How to Disable Adoble Flash Player in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome Plugin Disable Image

  • Open Google Chrome Brower
  • Type: chrome://plugins/
  • Find “Adobe Flash Player
  • You will see its version now click on Disable.

How to Disable Adoble Flash Player in Mozilla FireFox?

Mozilla FireFox Plugin Disable Image

  • If you are using FireFox then click on Add-ons
  • Go to Plugins
  • Go to Shockwave Flash see if it’s older version then Disable this

If you could not find the Add-ons button or option just type “about:addons” in address bar of Mozila Firefox and follow the above mentioned steps to disable Adobe Flash Player.

How to Disable Adoble Flash Player in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer Plugin Disable ImageIf you internet explorer user then follow these steps to disable “Adobe Flash Player”

  • Click on Tools
  • Go to Manage Add-ons
  • Choose “Shockwave Flash Object” click on disable button as given in below example.

You can find this information on the official website of Adobe here: Adobe News

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