Best Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Call it a misconception, myth or truth, majority of us has been “spoiled by our grandparents”. They are old and lovely and love you most in the family. Your mom may spit angry words at you, you may be fearing how to escape wrath of your dad when he comes back home and looks at your mark sheet, but for your grandparents. They are a very special part of the family who are also a guide to your parents. So, it is really important that when you choose a gift for them this Christmas, it should be something really special. We are providing a list of ideas you can look into while choosing a gift for them. grandparents christmas gift ideas

Custom Family Tree

This is the best gift for any old person who himself is a legend in the family tree. It would be an honor for your grandparents to have this marvelous family tree which can be customized as per need.

Kodak Pulse Frame

A very cute digital frame by Kodak can be a great gift for your grandparents. There are a very few things that leave a big impact on elderly people but they are going to be touched by this gift of yours. Upload photos from anywhere you are in the world, and it is going to show up in your grandparents frame in an hour. The frame is connected to a power plug and wireless connection is required for it to work.

Grandparents Rock Mugs

Old people like our grandparents are just like children. They like to be appreciated and admired from time to time, especially by the family members. So, you would have understood by now that this gift can really make them proud. While having coffee in this mug, they are going to think about you and feel glad knowing you are a big fan of them.

Recordable Storybook

Another great technical gift that you can present your grandparents this Christmas. Manufactured by Hallmark, this is a recordable storybook that can be used to record stories for grandchildren and you just have to gift this to them. They will record their best wishes, great experiences and very sweet stories for you. We are sure you are going to enjoy it in the coming years.

Microwaveable Bagpuss

In this cold weather, this could be an ideal gift for your grandparents. Gift them this awesome cuddle-kit and they are going to love it besides keeping themselves warm this Christmas. A very cuddly sweet hot water bottle to use at home. Right?

Dear Granddad – From You To Me Book

This is more of a journal that you can gift your granddad which has about 60 questions in 128 pages. Gift this to him this Christmas and he will write it all. Once he gives it back to you, imagine how much gratitude you would be in when reading this journal. It includes about all things that you want to know more about your granddad.

The Story Of Me And My Granddad

Praising is something that a child and an old man would equally appreciate. Write down the best you know about your granddad and jot down all the important events, great things you like about him. Then gift it to him. Don’t miss to see the smile on his face when he reads it. After all , Christmas is all about building great relationships.

Cushtie Cushion Original

This great cushion can be a great gift for your grandparents. It is available in blue, pink and black colors. Whether they use it as cushions while on study table, or while at work on their chairs, it is really comfortable to use.

Chocolate Pizza

Chocolates are not only for kids. Old people crave for it as kids do. So, why not fulfill your grandparents’ desire this Christmas by gifting a chocolate pizza this winter. It includes original, great quality chocolate from Belgium and they can’t stop with one. They are going to demand more  and the best part is you can let them have more as it is good for diabetic patients as well.

Personalized Christmas Candle

Gift this personalized Christmas Candle  to your grandparents and they will feel the coziness of your love.  Choose the candle and color and personalize it. They are going to be grateful to have it.


Your grandparents are a gem. They are uncrowned kings and queens of respective families. So, their gifts should be as royal as they are. Isn’t it?

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