5 Best Waist Bags for Men and Women Online in India {2022}

Waist Bags for Men’s & Women in India – Bags are a must for everyone irrespective of gender. It can be wallets, purses, handbags, backpacks, or waist bags. These are necessary to carry your personal things. Especially when you travel long, these things serve better. However, when you have to search for a particular thing which you often use may be a card or keys, you have to search the whole bag. In such situations, a waist bag comes handy.

Waist bags were generally used in the past and are fashion disasters. However, you can organize your personal belongings perfectly using a waist bag. And they are back in trend again in recent years. These are being used both by men and women.

In this article, we have listed you best waist bags that can be bought both for men and women. Along with that we have listed some benefits of using these bags. Go through them and you can use the links that we provided to check the item out.

Benefits that you can achieve by choosing an ideal waist bag for yourself

Before going directly into our recommended list, we have listed here some benefits of using waist bag. By seeing that you will get an idea of the bag and the go to the list to skim through the products. Lets dive in to the benefits.

Comfortable with hands free usage

The first and best benefit out of waist bags is its comfort. You just need to wear the bag around your waist like a belt and your hands are free from holding it. There  is no need to carry it around with handles and there is also no way that you forget the bag somewhere.

Many styles

There are so many waist bags that are available in the market with different sizes and colors suitable for both male and female. Also, waist bag has become a fashion attribute.

Spacious with several compartments

Waist bags are not bulky yet they are spacious. There are many compartments in the bag where you can easily organize your things.

Lightweight and durable

Wearing a waist bag is not a burden. It is lightweight and the bag lasts longer. You don’t have any burden of balancing your shoulder with shoulder bag or tote bag. With this benefit, they can be worn to any event and outdoor activities.

Best Waist Bags for Mens and Women

Best waist bags that you can buy today for Men

As you have seen the benefits of a waist bag, you can go ahead and check the recommended list of waist bags of our choice for men. These are of superior quality and we have exclusively selected this list. Go ahead and read through.

K London Stylish Real Leather Black Waist Bag 

K London Stylish Real Leather Black Waist BagBuy From Amazon

The first product from our list is for people who love to travel more and don’t know where to store things. This waist bag is from K London and is a leather bag. It can fit in mobile phone, some money, documents, digital camera, ear phones, medicines with some more space still left. These are perfectly the things that anyone like to carry while they are travelling.

The bag comes in black color finish and is made of genuine leather material. This bag comfortably fits a waist size from 32 inches till 42 inches. The measurements of this waist bag are 5.9 inches height, 11.81 inches length and 1 inch width. The waist bag weighs 99.8 grams and is comfortable to carry.

The waist bag can be worn around the waist and it has compartments for neat organization of things. It consists of 2 big and 2 small zipper pockets at front and 1 zipper pocket at back. There is also a front pouch pocket to carry your mobile phone.

A few pros and cons that you should know as a buyer are listed below. Go through them and decide whether you should buy this waist bag or not.


  • Adjustable waist size
  • Fits up to 42 inch waist size
  • Made of soft genuine leather material
  • Separate mobile phone pouch


  • Waist bag is not water resistant.

Aeoss Water Resistant Outdoor Sport Travel Pouch Belt Waist Phone Bag

Aeoss Water Resistant Outdoor Sport Travel Pouch Belt Waist Phone Bag

Buy From Amazon

If you are looking for a waist bag which is water resistant then the next item from our list is the best choice for you. This bag is from Aeoss. This waist bag can be used in two ways. They can be worn to your waist as waist bag or can just be tagged to your backpack as extension. Either way, it has a great usage. It is built with MOLLE( Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) concept. Designed to accommodate heavy and light products. You have a special compartment for mobile phone and the pouch fits up to 3 mobile phones of 5.5 inch screen. You can carry passport, documents, tickets, mini torch, medicines, spectacles and case, etc., These are necessary when you travel a lot.

The waist bag contains 2 zipper compartments and one buckle closure compartment. The waist bag is of high quality and uses clips and fabric zips of superior quality. With this amount of storage and the water resistant material this waist bag is ideal for you to travel comfortably even when there is a sudden rain.


  • High quality clips and zips
  • Modular Light Weight Load-carrying Equipment concept
  • Water resistant
  • Multiple pockets for easy storage


  • Little expensive 

Physiqo Waterproof Waist Pouch for Men & Women

Physiqo Waterproof Waist Pouch for Men & Women Running BagBuy From Amazon

For the buyers who are looking for waist bags which support them for carrying while running, jogging, or any physical exercise, Physiqo waist pouch is the perfect choice for you. This pouch can carry your phone, keys, any passport etc.,

The main feature of this waist pouch is the comfortable and fashion looking honeycomb fabric design. This can therefore be worn for long time while running or travelling. It has adjustable two-lane line belts suitable for just any waist. The zippers are of high quality and are made of metal. They are double zippers which makes it very easy to handle and open the pouch.

Another feature about this waist pouch is that it is water resistant and is made of latest neoprene material which is water resistant. The size of this pouch is 22 by 11 centimeters.

Another interesting aspect about this waist pouch is that it has a convenient earphone hole in the front. This allows you to use music or answer a call with ease without taking the mobile phone out. In this way your zippers are also safe. Below are some pros and cons of the product.


  • Designed with water resistant material neoprene.
  • Honeycomb fabric design
  • Separate earphone hole
  • Adjustable waist belt


  • Few customers felt that the size is small.

Best waist bags that you can buy today for Women

Now that you have seen some waist bags for men, let us move forward and look at some recommended list for women too.

Zomoza Waist Pack Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder

Zomoza Waist Pack Running Belt with Water Bottle Holder

Buy From Amazon

The first item from our list for waist bags for women is from a Japanese company. It comes in an attractive bright orange color. The waist bag is made of high quality material which is durable enough. It is both water and tear resistant. If you are a person who wants to carry a water bottle conveniently, then this waist bag has a water bottle holder and you need not hold the water bottle separately. This holder contains adjustable loop so that the bottle stays in place. This waist bag also have earphone hole, adjustable belt and reflective detail and trim helps you to be seen in dim light.


  • Water and tear resistant durable material
  • Water bottle holder
  • Reflective detail to be seen in dim light


  • There are few complaints about material.

K London Stylish Canvas Woven Multi Colored Ethnic Design Waist Pack

K London Stylish Canvas Woven

Buy From Amazon

The last item from our list is again from K London. It is a canvas woven stylish designed waist bag. Design is unique and have ethnic touch to it. The bag has around 3 zipped compartments for you to organize things effectively. You can carry valuables like money, passport, documents or any tickets. The waist belt is adjustable and can be up to 42 inches which can be suitable for men too. You can carry it conveniently to travel, hike, trek or any adventure activities. It is light weight and weighs about 200 grams. The measurements are suitable if you love small and cute bags.


  • 3 zipped compartments
  • Lightweight material
  • Ethnic design
  • Adjustable strap


  • Waist bag is not water resistant.


The above are the best waist bags that are available in the market for both men and women. Go ahead and look through the benefits and our recommended list to order your waist bag today. There is no hassle for you to find the bag on your own. We have already done some research and presented with just the list that you wanted.