Buy LED Bulb at Rs. 10 Under DELP Scheme Implement by Delhi Govt. and Launches by Government of India

LED Bulb in Just Rs 10 DELP SchemeAre you planning to switch to LED bulb then it’s right time because now you can buy LED bulb in just Rs. 10. Yes, you read it correct LED Bulb in Rs. 10 only but from where and who is offering LED bulb in such low prices or how to register for DELP Delhi? Then you don’t need to look further because today I am going to share details information about DELP scheme like how you can pre-register for these LED bulbs and who is eligible for these LED Bulbs.

The answer is that LED bulbs are offering in Rs. 10 under the DELP (Demand Side Management based Efficient Lighting Programme) Scheme which was launched by PM Modi on 5th of January 2015 for LED bulb distribution under the domestic efficient lighting programme in Delhi; and a National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting. The Prime Minister also symbolically replaced one bulb in South Block, with an LED bulb. Replacement of all bulbs in South Block with LED bulbs will enable savings of 7000 units of energy each month.

As it was launched by PM Modi on 5th January & finally implemented by Govt. of Delhi and distribution of LED bulb is already started from 1st of June 2015. The aim of this initiative is to reduce energy consumption in the country & save the environment. Currently the scheme is available in Delhi and will continue to other city very soon.

Who is Eligible to get LED Bulbs with Initial Payment of Rs. 10?

Every domestic household having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company is eligible to get LED bulbs worth Rs. 400-500 with an initial payment of Rs. 10 each. Yes, that’s the initial payment which is highlighted the actual cost of 1 LED bulb which is offered by Govt. is Rs. 83. As you can get the LED bulb with the initial payment of Rs. 10 and the balance amount of Rs. 83 will be recovered from the electricity bill at Rs 10 per month for next 8 months and Rs 3 in the last month. Alternately the consumer can also pay an upfront cost of Rs 93 per LED bulb.

These LED bulbs come with 3 year of free replacement warranty and one can buy maximum 4 LED bulbs under this scheme. By switching to one LED bulb, you can save Rs.162 yearly. So now it’s clear 1 LED bulb of 7 watt actual price is Rs. 93 which market price is Rs. 400-600. Now you are saving 300-500 Rs. on 1 bulb I am sure now you want to know how to get it so for this you have to register.

How to Register for DELP Scheme

You can register for DELP Delhi scheme via 2 methods which is online & through SMS.

Register via SMS for DELP

  • You need to type your CA number in message box and send it to 7042299688 as given in below example.
  • SMS “<CA Number>” TO 7042299688

(Note: CA Number could be found on your electricity bill easily)

Register through Online Mode for DELP

To register for DELP online just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on the official website here:
  • Scroll down you will find Pre Register Now button.
  • Or you can skip above said 2 steps by clicking on this
  • Now you have to fill your CA Number & click on search button.
  • If you are already pre-registered you will see following message
  • “You have already pre-registered for the DELP scheme with 2 bulbs”
  • If you are not pre-registered you will redirect to new page “DELP Registration for Delhi”
  • Here you will see a new form which will looks like as given in below example where you have to submit Tenancy, Contact Number, Email ID, number of LED bulbs (maximum 4 bulb you can apply), choose payment option, click on I agree to the Terms and conditions & that’s it.

DELP REgistration form Image Delhi

 What are the Benefits of LED Bulbs?

  • Every household would save INR 648 per annum in the Electricity Bill (wiuth 4 LED bulbs), which is more than the LED bulb cost.
  • This scheme will result in annual reduction of energy consumption by 504 million units.

Further could be understand via Comparison Matrix Table

(Under DELP Scheme)
Watt 7 14 60
Energy Efficiency 88% 50% 0%
Annual Cost Savings of Elecricity Bill Per Bulb) Rs.162.00 Rs.85.50 Nil
Life Expectancy (Hrs) 50,000 8,000 1,200
Free of cost Warranty 3 Years 1 Years Nil

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on DELP Scheme

Q.1. What is DELP scheme?

Ans.1. An ordinary bulb is an extremely energy inefficient form of lighting with just 5% of the electricity input converted tolight. There are efficient light bulbs available like LEDs which about consume only one-tenth of energy used by ordinary bulb to provide the same or better light outpur. However the high cost of LED (INR 400 to 500) is the reason why consumers do not buy LED bulbs. The DELP on bill financing scheme proposes to overcome the first cost barrier. Under this scheme the consumer is eligibile to purchase the designaed number of bulbs, at an advance cost of Rs. 10 each. The balance amount of will be recovered from the electricity bill. The consumer can also choose to make an upfront payment.

Q.2. How will the DELP scheme benefit me?

Ans.2. The consumer will get a high quality LED bulb at 1/3rd the market price. Consumers electricity bill will reduce by about Rs. 162 per year with each LED, thus making the cost recovery lesser than a year. This will lead to savings in electricity and lower consumption of fossil fuels thus benefiting the environment.

Q.3. Who is eligible to get LEDs?

Ans.3. Every domestic household in Delhi, having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company (BRPL, BYPL, NDMC and TPDDL) is eligible to get the LED bulbs under the DELP Scheme.

Q.4. Where and when can the LED bulb be procured?

Ans.4. The bulbs will be distributed through special counters set up at designated places in the city (for TPDDL consumers) and also through door-to-door-delivery (for consumers from the other three DISCOMs). These will not be available at any other location including shops etc.There will be an awareness campaign before the distribution starts to suitably inform the consumer.

Q.5.What documents/evidence is required to be given to get LED bulbs?

Ans.5. The following must be provided:

True copy of the latest electricity bill.

  • A copy of photo ID proof.
  • A copy of residential proof (in case of counter distribution only for TPDDL consumers and the address on the residential proof must match the address on the electricity bill.)
  • Rs. 10 in cash advance in case of on-bill financing (balance amount recovered from the electricity bill) or full amount in case of upfront payment for each LED.
  • Payment receipt in case of arrears.
  • Authorization letter from Co-operative Group Housing Societies (CGHS) (valid for consumers living in CGHS).

Q.6. What if the LED bulb fuses?

Ans.6. LED bulbs have very long life (> 15 years if used of 4-5 hours every day) and are not likely to fuse. However, if the LED bulb stops working due to a technical defect, EESL will be providing free of cost warranty for all technical faults for three years. And the replacements shall be done through designated retail stores that will be communicated after the distribution ends. During the distribution replacements can be done through any of the distribution counters that would be operating within the city. For those consumers who will be delivered the LED bulbs at their doorstep, our distribution agency will run special camps for replacement in the distribution area during the course of distribution.

Q.7. Where can I register my complaints?

Ans.7. The DELP LED bulb packaging will carry the customer care number for registration of any complaints. A Call Centre will be activeto record the complaints of non-working LEDs and a complaint redressal mechanism to rectify the same within a reasonable time will be operationalized.Complaints during distribution can be addressed at our distribution agency’s customer care center number (7042595718 and 7042595719).

Q.8. Under DELP Scheme, a designated number of bulbs will be distributed per household. 

Ans.8. household has greater number of connection points or the renovation/ expansion of the house is undertaken, does the household pay market price for procuring additional LED?

Through the DELP scheme consumers can avail at most4 LED bulbs. Through our studies we have found that a domestic household on an average has 5-6 lighting points. The major objective of DELP scheme is to encourage consumers to use these LEDs to replace existing high wattage lamps in their household. Given the benefits of LEDs, consumers are recommended to purchase additional LEDs from the market. DISCLAIMER:The price in the market is reliant on the brand and quality and is independent of the price being offered under DELP.

Q.9. Does LED distributed under DELP Scheme have the same lumen intensity as an incandescent bulb?

Ans.9. LEDs have no gases, filaments or any moving parts of fatigue. A 7W LED give the same and in most cases better lumen intensity and brightness than a 60W Incandescent Lamp. The proportion of lumen that falls in an area from an LED light source is greater than that of a conventional light source.

Q.10. Who is implementing the programme and why?

Ans.10. The Electricity Distribution Company and Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) a public sector body of Government of India are implementing the programme. The main objective is to promote efficient lighting, enhance awareness about the fact that use of efficient equipment’s reduce electricity bills and help preserve environment.

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  1. A consumer has pre-registered his/her CA no. for LED bulbs in the month of February, 2015 when only the option of 1 or 2 LED bulbs was available, but now the scheme is offering for upto a maximum of 4 LED bulbs. The consumer wants to edit its registration for opting 4 LED bulbs. How re-registration is possible.

    • Yes, you are correct Jagdish Ji in the beginning only 1-2 bulbs are allowed but not to worry you can take 4 LED bulbs from nearest electricity office unfortunately re-registration is not allowed but still you can take 4 LED bulbs. So visit the nearest electricity office.

      • Sir , can you tell me the company which is making these led bulbs (like philips or etc)……………..

        • Sure Divyanshu as I also purchased these LED Bulbs from BSES campaign in our area and these bulbs are manufactured by Crompton Greaves (CG) which is well known brand in India and the quality of the bulb is satisfactory

  2. I note that EESL is promoting LED bulb usage. If every domestic incadascent bulb and cfl is replaced by a LED bulb, India will become energy surplus.
    Why the market price is high, level of Rs 500 when the manufacturing cost allows sale at Rs 93 in Delhi ? Also is the scheme available in NCR towns like Gurgaon ?

    • Currently the scheme is only for Delhi’s consumers may be in coming month they can spread it around Delhi NCR but not sure so hope for the best and thanks for your comments.

  3. hi
    what is the difference between DELP Distribution scheme and Institutional Distribution scheme???

    warm regards,

  4. Sir, i have visited the nearest electric office but in vain. They said it is central government scheme so they are helpless.But how to stop misusing scheme? My service no. is 1433066201007778 and Aadhaar no. is 689537672931. Hope u could get me justice.

    • If you are living in Delhi area then you can register your complaint on following number (7042595718 and 7042595719) and they will replace the LED bulbs without any extra cost if you are a resident of Maharashtra or Mumbai can complaint on 7045883921 instead of this you can visit the nearest electricity office and can get more information about it.

    • Sorry Mr. Sundara Rao currently cound not find the complaint number for such scam once received will surely share it on website.

  5. Do such type of led bulb scheme is available for other Indian states?
    Suppose I m frm Assam so can we get the benefit of led bulbs from the assam state electricity board.?

    • currently the scheme is available in Delhi and Mumbai with the passage of time it will spread to other state as well.

  6. Is this scheme applicable for housing societies? These societies are also billed for electricity, and the areas that might be illuminated are also adjoining to a society/common areas of a housing complex.

    • I am not very sure about it Ketan recommend you to visit nearest electricity office for the confirmation please.

  7. LED Bulb are available in Mumbai at Reliance’s customer care center. Last week I purchased LED Bulbs @ Rs 100/- per Bulb and Max 10 Bulbs can be purchased (all 7 Watt each capacity). Please call on 7045883921 for more details about nearest center close to your location (in Mumbai). This is being done in association from EESL for Mumbai consumers (served by Relaince, Tata etc).

  8. Recently I bought it from online site for 99/led. But yeah one needs to pay extra for delivery charge of Rs35. It’s better if you are buying more quantities in one order.

  9. kapil sir
    i am interested in distribution of LED Lamps to the Household Consumers in madhya pradesh , at present i am working for uid ………………….So how can i get this project ??????

  10. i want to know how to take this agency so pls guide me eith details
    i m living in karnataka state ;;dist:gulbarga

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