Does Your App Store Have These Features??

Nowadays, buying any smartphone is not dependent on the processor, screen, or the quality of the RAM to give power to the phone. It is also influenced by the number and the type of the applications available in the store with the operating system. Major and most used operating systems are Google for Android and Apple for iOS devices. They have the specific Google Play store and App store which are backed up by millions of applications.

Recently many third-party app stores emerged and taking control of these official stores. Those who use Apple devices are a constraint to limited applications, as they can’t download any third-party application or store. This is due to high-security check merged by Apple developers unless your Apple device is jail-broken. Whereas, Android users have more options when compared to Apple devices and can download a third-party store to download more of these.

But what features we actually need in an app store???

Free Apps

As a user, everyone wants best of the applications in the smartphones and mostly these applications in official app stores of Google and Apple are payable. In order to get these applications, the user needs to lose some money from the pocket. Third-party stores came up with an innovative idea to attract the users, as they offer these applications for free or discounted prices. They offer the app for the day, which will be the best application on the store and you can download it for free.

Recommendation & Filters

Searching an application on these official stores is sometimes feels boring, as they will come up with 50 recommendation or the applications which are related to the name. Users need to go through the whole list if the application which is searched is not that popular. To narrow it down, third-party stores have invented a filter option that we even use on e-commerce websites. It will give the specific search options and you can further select filters by age and likes. In these stores, every time you login they will come up with the list of recommended applications. Based on the search and applications downloaded in the smartphone. It will help to select the application, as all the applications are hand-picked and the best in the store.

Data Management

Data management is what we need the most, as it is the only source through which the smartphone works. It is the lifeline of the device and we want our app store to take care of it. Many of the official app stores work in the background of the device and consume a lot of data with which we are not aware of. It will also update the applications in which the update is required and it will also consume the data. Third-party stores only works until the time you are on the main screen and will shut down the data consumption, as soon as you switch the windows.

These are the basic but actual features that we need in an app store. 9apps store, I think is the only third-party store that values these requirements and most downloaded store in recent years. You can download 9Apps Store now for best user experience.