Gautam Gulati Bigg Boss 8 Winner Also See Him with Trophy

The wait is over for the winner of Bigg Boss 8 everyone’s favorite Gautam Gualti won the title of Bigg Boss 8. All the viewers can see the winning moment of Bigg Boss 8 tonight but however few images leaked on social networking sites of Gautam Gualti with the BB8 trophy.

You can find the images on Bigg Boss twitter account @BiggBossNews and @BiggBossLiveNews from where we get the information that Gautam Gulati declares the winner of the Bigg Boss season 8.

Gautam Gualti with Bigg Boss 8 Trophy and His Mother Gautam Gualti with BB8 trophy and his mother

The makers of reality show “Bigg Boss 8” have closed the voting lines with finale being just hours away. The winner of season 8 of the controversial reality show will be revealed on Saturday night, but the voting trend has already been released.

As all we know the winner of Bigg Boss 8 will be based on the audience votes and as per online sources, Gautam Gulati becomes the emerged winner of the most controversial reality TV show “Bigg Boss 8” with highest votes.

Instead of this Gautam Gualti is the first contestants and winner who got highest votes in the history of Bigg Boss until now.

Gautam Gualti Wins Bigg Boss Season 8 See Photo Gautam Gulati with Bigg Boss 8 Trophy

Karishma Tanna becomes the emerged as the first runner of the show and Pritam Singh has got the third highest votes.

Before announcing the finalists they have chance to take 25 lakh and quite the show and Pritam chose 25 Lakh and quit the show on grand finale night. So it’s great news for all the Bigg Boss fans and off-course for Gauti fans.

Finally the true lovers of Gauti help him to become the winner of Bigg Boss Season 8. So sing song all the fans of gauti “We Love We Love Gauti” ;). Share your comment and show your love here as well and must watch the winning moment tonight on Colors as well.

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