How to Celebrate Halloween in School

All over the world, Halloween is one special occasion that should never be forgotten. This particular holiday falls in the month of November. A lot of people with different backgrounds and nationalities get involved in Halloween season. This is to show their love and respect to the people who already passed away. No matter who you are and what age bracket you belong to, Halloween is something that you must celebrate with. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of schools worldwide that yearly celebrate Halloween.

Is Halloween party really allowed in school? Does not it affect the performance of every student? Well, Halloween party is very student-friendly. There is no way it can neither affect the entire being of a certain student nor his or her school performance. Now the big question is, how can you celebrate Halloween in your school? Let us all find out then.

Organize a Creepy Creative Writing Contest

Creepy Creative Writing ContestOne way of celebrating Halloween in school is organizing a creepy creative writing contest. This should be participated by all levels of students. Each level or each section must have 2 or more representatives as writers. Needless to say, the theme of this creative writing contest should be creepy enough, perfect for the Halloween. Better yet, it would be a great idea to let the participants write their scariest experience in a very creative way. In this way, you already enhance the imagination and creativity of the students in writing, aside from letting them celebrate the special day.

Have a Trick and Treat Game

Trick and Treat GameSince Halloween is a very special day, having some breaks with the lesson discussion and participating in an exciting trick and treat game in the school is a great thing to do. Keep in mind that a lot of people are waiting for this trick and trick game in every Halloween, so you must make sure that it will not be forgotten. It doesn’t mean that it is not allowed to have some fun games when you are in school. In fact, those school-aged people are the ones who are very active when it comes to games. With this, there is no way the students cannot have a memorable Halloween celebration.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin Carving ContestThere is no denying that students love to participate in different kinds of contest, and pumpkin carving contest is not an exemption. This can even be incorporated in your class lessons if this special day falls in a regular class schedule. Since carving pumpkins as Halloween symbols is very common in this spooky season, it is definitely a great idea to hold a contest about it amongst the students in your school. With this contest, the students can surely show how creative they are and how talented they are when it comes to carving. Aside from that, they may know it or not, but they are already celebrating Halloween by just simply participating in the contest.

Organize a School Halloween Party

School Halloween PartyOf course, one basis thing that you can do in school during Halloween is organizing a Halloween party, in which Halloween costumes are required. The entire surroundings of the school will surely have a spook atmosphere with the various Halloween costumes worn by the students. For those young kids, the Halloween party can be held during daytime. Parlor games are even needed in this party. Just make sure that the games have something to do with Halloween. If the students are teenagers, then having a night Halloween party would be extremely exciting. The darkness of the night will surely add some spookiness in the surroundings of the school.

Bring Some Healthy Halloween Snacks

Halloween SnacksSince this is a very important and special occasion, bringing foods is certainly a great idea. But the thing is, the food items that should be brought must be healthy enough. Keep in mind that the ones who will eat the foods are still young and they are still in their school age. Thus, observing proper nutrition is very essential. Even though this is a party, one must not forget that eating healthy foods is a requirement.

These are the things that can be done in school when it comes to celebrating the Halloween. With these things, sensing the spooky atmosphere brought by Halloween is certainly inescapable.