How to Choose Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

To get that perfect looks on the biggest day in a women’s life is a dream of every bride to be. With the decision of getting married, there comes lot of planning. Besides selecting the right venue, wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding. Not every women may have that perfect body shape, therefore it is important that you chose perfect wedding dress according to your body structure or its type.

Let us understand how to choose a perfect wedding dress for your body type

body type of women, how to choose perfect wedding dress for your body typeTall Brides

While some women enjoy the advantage of their tall height, some women get embarrass for their height. You can shop for a simple wedding gown that will match your height. Besides, you can avoid flashy accessories like big bows, beading, and more. A long sleeve can also do wonders and make you feel adorable and beautiful on your special day. Avoid wearing long heels that can make you even taller.

Busty Brides

These brides can go with a scooped neckline or a strapless gown. A busty bride can also opt for gowns with a smooth fabric that does not stick to the body. They can make them feel light and also allow them to carry it easily. Moreover, this kind of fabric can help in hiding the bust and make you look perfect on your most special occasion of life.

Pear Shaped Brides

Women with heavy lower body and appealing upper body can look attractive in a flowing gown. A pear shaped brides can opt for gowns that flares down smoothly below the waist line. Such type of gown will hide all the extra fat accumulated in the hip or thigh areas and make you look simply perfect on your wedding day. Besides, a v-shaped neckline can also do wonders and make you look slim.

Full Figured Bride

A bride with this body type can look best in gown with an A-line style. This type of gown will emphasize the entire body and grab away the attention of the waistline. Moreover, a full figured bride can opt for empire waist that is usually located below the bust, helping you to hide the heavy hips and waist.

Short or Petites Brides

Brides with short height can look perfect in trumpet or sheath dresses. Moreover, you can opt for dresses that have a waistline above your original waist. This will make your legs look longer. You can avoid calf length skirts and dropped waist gowns as they will make you look short.

Apple Shaped Brides

For such brides, a gown that clinches at waistline and then flares down smoothly will simply look amazing. A v-shape neckline will catch the attention of people and also make you look attractive. You can avoid trumpet style dresses as they will make you look heavy.

These are few tips that can help you select the perfect wedding dress for the most important day of your life. A well-selected dress according to the body type will ensure that you are framed in best pictures.

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