DDA Decided to Refund Registration Money / Amount within a Month

Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has decided to refund the registration money to unsuccessful applicants within a month after the closure date of scheme. As the scheme has already been closed on 15th of October 2014, So unsuccessful applicants can expect their money till 15th of November 2014.

DDA LogoWhen DDA flats housing scheme was launched it was mentioned in the brochure that if any applicant is not successful in the draw then the registration amount will be refund within 3 month after the closure of the scheme but Mr. Balvinder Kumar (Vice Chairman of DDA) said in an interview with Hindustan Times that

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“Earlier the decision was to refund the money within three months, but I thought why should people unnecessarily keep their money deposited and lose interest? That is why I have decided that now the amount shall be returned within a month,”

As the registration amount for the LIG, MIG and HIG flats was Rs. 1,00,000 and for the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category flats was Rs. 10,000.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) makes it very clear in their brochure that they will not pay any interest to the applicants up to 90 days. The new decision has taken by the DDA to reduce the burden of interest on the applications who borrow loan for the registration amount from the banks.

In any case if DDA fail to pay the registration money within the 90 days to unsuccessful applicants then they will pay an interest at the rate of 8% per annum starting after 90 days. The housing scheme was closed on Wednesday 15th October 2014 and received around 7.5 lakh applications from across India for the 25,034 flats on offer.

Don’t forget to check the status of DDA housing scheme application online via filling your application or form number.

Read the column 10 page no. 6 for the refund of housing scheme 2014 by DDA click here for the brochure

14 thoughts on “DDA Decided to Refund Registration Money / Amount within a Month”

  1. sir i have applied through online application..
    so how i will get my refund???
    and whom should i contact for refund???

    • Don’t need to contact anyone right now just wait at-least 24th of December and money will return to your account automatically in case its not reflect in your account by the end of the month then you need to contact the bank through which you have applied online.

  2. I have applied with DDA housing scheme-2014 for EWS categiry. My application no.is 3530404. I have not received my refund as yet. I have also write to Axis bank in this regard, but they didn\’t respond. And there is no link for query at DDA site in regard. What to do ?Can you suggest something.Thanks

  3. Hi Kapil,I had applied for the DDA flats this year and unfortunately I dint got the draw. Now I have applied the flat online in my wife name but used my bank details to pay the initial Rs 1Lakh amount to DDA. When I receive the cheque from DDA recently the cheque is in the name of my wife with my bank Account no. So its obvious the bank cannot clear the cheque as my bank account has not my wife name. So just need to know what is the best alternative to clear my cheque.Hope to hear your reply soon.

    • Tarun contact your bank through which you have receive the cheuqe and let them know the error it should be correct by your banks if they don’t take any action then have to visit DDA head office.

  4. Hi i received a message that We have send the DDA refund of your application number 01834882 for rs. 100000vide cheque to your mailing addressas the aplication form vide EXPRESS COURIER AWB No. 3859477. But their is no corier name express courier and this AWB number not matching at any courier tracking site.

  5. Hi Kapil,
    I have transferred money through ICICI bank. My application number is 6004207.
    I am trying to contact the number 011-30278842/011-41718000. No one is receiving the phone and when I contacted on 011-33667777 persons from ICICI is telling that they have no IDEA about the DDA. can you please path forward me that how can I get my money refund from ICICI Bank ? or Kindly give me the number through I can contact the right person or place.

    • Sorry Kamlesh I don’t any more number for the same however you are requested to call your customer relationshp manager of ICICI bank or in the branch hope they will help you in this regard.

  6. Hi Kapil,

    While applying for DDA, I had given the NRE account to get the refund but later i realized that, only foreign currency can be credited to NRE account not Rupees. I have received the cheque also but as the account number mentioned on the cheque is of NRE account, I am not sure whether bank will accept it or not. can you please guide me on this. Do we have a way to change the account number.

    Thanks in advance.

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