List of Most Popular Haunted Places in Lucknow

Lucknow like other cities is much more than a Historical monument. The history and legacy of this city is commonly known to all. The place where the nawabs used to live is not just lavish but also beautiful. But there are some broken ties in this building. The place apart from its gorgeous architecture has a little to do with the apparitions and paranormal activities. There are few places in the city, which are haunted. Here is a list of Top Most Haunted Places in Lucknow.

8. The main Residency Tower and Building Complex
The main residency tower and business complex is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow. The place was a defensive army of 850 British Soldiers and officers. There were many sepoys plus volunteers in this place. Apart from that the place also had underground rooms where a lot of women and kids were trapped and few of them died their unnatural deaths. The story goes on like the spirits of those who died here haunts the place. A lot of people have witnessed strange and unusual things here and faint sounds of sobbing as well.

7. The Tykhana
The tykhana is one of the haunted places in Lucknow. It is believed that a woman who tried to save her kids from the outrageous diseases couldn’t save them. Till today the place gives chills and one can find it very uncomfortable as soon as they enter this place. It is said that the woman still haunts the place till today trying to save her kids.

6. Begum Kothi
Begum Kothi is one of the haunted places in Lucknow. It is said that the places is haunted and people have witnessed ghastly occurrences. Though there is no specific story or an incident. But a lot of people who have been here said that they could hear unusual sounds and moving figures suddenly coming and disappearing. Enough to give you the chills.

5. Nirala Nagar
Nirala Nagar is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow. It is a small colony, in the centre of the city. The place has so much of unusual occurrences that the people named the colony as the haunted colony of the city. The government build the colony on a place which was once a graveyard, had two cremations, six mazaars a peepal tree and a Shiva temple where the ashes of the corpses were thrown. Indeed, the place has to be scary and haunted.

4. Balrampur Hospital
Balrampur Hospital is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow. This hospital is built on an old British Graveyard. Despite of the hospital being built, there are few graves which you can easily spot on the hospital premises. People have heard strange sounds, knocking on the door, footsteps and sudden cries at this place. It definitely is scary.

3. Lucknow Railway Quarters
The railway quarters of Lucknow is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow. The place once belonged to the British railway engineers. The story goes like; once a British engineer Bill Turner was married to a beautiful young girl,/who later developed a crush on a British officer who was her age. Turner saw them together and in pure rage shot both of them and committed suicide. It is said that his spirit still haunts the place. And people have seen a tall white man walking around. The people have also heard voices.

2. OEL House
The OEL house is one of the most haunted places in Lucknow. It was a residence of the vice Chancellor of Lucknow and it formally belonged to the Wajid Ali Shah. During the revolt, a lot of British officers were killed and thrown in the well which is a part of the house. Years after the massive revolt took place the Chancellor’s family shifted to the house aware of the ghostly things but still didn’t care much and shifted. The VC’s son started playing with the pebbles and throwing them in the well, which awakened the spirits and possessed him and finally killed him. Just after this incidence the VC got the well packed by performing pooja and by spiritual means.

1. The Sikandra Bagh

The Sikandra Bagh Haunted Place in LucknowThe Sikandra Bagh is the most haunted place in Lucknow and also the spookiest of all. During the revolt the British officer killed thousands of people and 70 of their men died too. Their officers left the bodies of the Indian soldiers to rot and they did proper cremation of the British soldiers. Since then the spirits of the soldiers are roaming in this place. Looking for a proper goodbye. But not much can be done.  The local people have said that they hear lot of cries and creepy noises during the night time and it is very scary

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