Procedure for Cancellation / Surrender of DDA Flats and Documents Required

Are you one of those lucky winners who got flats in DDA lucky draw result but not happy with the size and designed of the DDA flats and want to cancel or surrender the DDA flat? Then you must read this post it won’t take more than 10 minutes of yours but will give you peace of mind at the end.

In case you want to continue with the flat and want to know what is the process to get flat then you must read my recently publish article: Procedure to Follow by Lucky Applicants to Get the Flat.

cancellation of DDA Flats Rohini

One of my website “Development Authority” one of the user asked me this question that what is the procedure for cancellation or surrender of DDA flats as he is not happy with the flat I have pasted one of the reader comment below about the Rohini flat situation:

Yes. Like all the above members, even I haven’t got any official communication from DDA till date. Only yesterday I had visited DDA Flats at Rohini 35, and the size of the bedroom in 1BHK was a shock to me. You can’t put your standard double bed in that bedroom, its too small. Kitchen has very little space. I don’t know where somebody will put his kitchenware and other items? Roads are quite broad in the colony, but houses looks like a cramped cane. You can’t move freely in your own house. This is total negligence of human life. Very bad design. These houses look good and well designed from outside, but ugly, bad designed and inhuman from inside. I am still undecided, if I should keep it or not?

With the above pasted comment you can understand the how bad condition of flat is from inside well below I have shared how can you submit request to cancel the flat and what documents are required for the same.

Procedure for Cancellation of DDA Flat in Housing Scheme 2014

A successful applicant shall have the option to surrender the flat before the issue of the possession letter. Allotment will be automatically cancelled in case payment is not made within the prescribed period. No show cause notice shall be issued for the purpose. In both the cases, amount deposited is refundable without any interest. However, cancellation charges as prescribed below shall be recovered.

Sr. No. Surrender / Cancellation Within Following Days from the date of issue of Demand Letter EWS Flats Other
1 Before issue of demand letter Nil Nil
2 1st day till 90th day 1000/- 5000/-
3 91th day till 180th day 2000/- 25000/-
4 181th day till 365th day.i.e.. date of automatic cancellation 5000/- 50000/-


List of Documents Required for Cancellation / Surrender of DDA Flats

  1. Original allotment-cum-demand letter issued by DDA in respect of allotted flat.
  2. Proof of residence in case there is change of address as given in the application form.
  3. Photocopy of passbook or bank Manager’s/In charge’s certificate in case there is change in bank particulars from that given in the application form.

Note: In case flat is cancelled automatically as stated above, refund will be made after deduction of cancellation charges as stated above and no interest would be paid on amount deposited.

Hope you find it worthful and don’t forget to share your thought or query in below comment box.

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      • Hi Kapil.

        I got a flat in Narela. I want to surrender it. Till now, I haven’t got any intimation from DDA. The toll free number is not working. What should I do?

        I want my full registration amount back. How can I do it?

        • Visit DDA head office Vikas Sadan with the said documents above and let them know that you want to surrender your flat.

  1. I want to surrender my flat in Narela.

    Could someone call me or mention your number so that I can coordinate with you.

    I got my funding done by HDFC so what all documents are required to surrender it

    I will be really thankful if someone could guide me



    • The required documents already mentioned above instead also carry the HDFC funding documents Pankaj if you have already follow the process and already surrender your flat please help Deepak via letting him know if any document or information I missed in the article it will be great help for me and other readers as well.

  2. At one stage you mentioned that cancellation can be done before issue of demand letter and no charge will be deducted, while on other side you mentioned that for cancellation we need to show allotment cum demand letter to DDA, so how come cancellation will be possible before issuance of demand letter?

    • Amit in the content I said surrender the flat before issuing the possession letter for further you can visit the DDA office.

  3. I have filed application to the DDA for the surrender of flat.. I have fianced the One lacs Rupees through the Axis Bank.. Now should i remit Rs 1 lacs to the bank.. Or the DDA will directly give to the Axis Bank.. to get refund from DDA will be difficult one..What is the second process after giving application to the DDA??Please help as there is lot of confusion

    • DDA will not refund the amount in favor of Axis Bank as DDA accept your cancellation of flat they will issue you refund cheque/draft once you get it can clear your loan amount. For further details you have to visit the DDA head office or wait few days for the refund cheque as we don’t have more news about the refund process.

    • Hi Vikram,
      Could you pls provide your contact no on .I just has few question regarding surrender of flat .

      Pls provide full address of office where you could surrender flat ,with floor no and all .

      Did you give any doc or just filled form ?

      Did you get any receipt after filling surrender form?

      Is it mandatory same person should be present to cancel flat ?

      If I am not changing bank detail or address ,do I need to give any more doc?


  4. what document is required for surrender the flat.My address and my bank detail is same which i fill in dda form then please tell which document is required

  5. dear sir i surrender the flat to dda on date 31.12.14 , and i get surrender letter to dda . but axis bank call me daily our money refund to bank, sir please help me what can i do , i told bank you call to dda regarding to refund money 1 lac , please help me

    • Arjun the refund should comes in your account as you surrender the flat in last month but did not get the refund in your account or bank as well. When you saying bank to call DDA for refund what they are responding otherwise you have to visit after 10 of January in DDA head office and let them know that bank is pressurizing you for the money and you did not receive the refund instead of this i can’t help you Arjun.

  6. Hi Kapil

    I read your post which mentions the necessary documents to be submitted.Can you also tell if there is a specific form that needs to be filled in case I want to surrender my flat?

  7. Hi Kapil,I live in Bangalore and want to surrender my flat. Please confirm procedure. I have not received any communication from DDA till date.Regards,Pradeep

    • The procedure is already mentinoed above surrender it as soon as you can because as much as delay done by you have to pay some surrender amount accordingly.

  8. Sir , i have got flat in narela g-8 sector from dda housing scheme 2014. But the flat size is too less, thats why i want to surrender it.will u tell what is the procedure to surrender my alloted flat ?

  9. Anyone who has cancelled flat without having Allocation letter ,pls provide your contact number ,I need to get some info as I am not living currently in Delhi .

  10. Hi everyone,I have been allotted an LIG Flat in Rohini Sec-35. My Application Fee was financed from PNB. However the flat is very small and cramped and I want to cancel/surrender it.I have 2 questions:-1. If I don\\\\’t go for Documents verification, will it be considered as \\\\”Canceled/Surrendered\\\\” automatically???2. Since my Application was financed by PNB, do I need to pay PNB or will the bank receive the refund amount from DDA?

    • You have to inform about this to DDA for which you have to visit DDA head office and have to write application for the same and refund will reach in your account or correspondence address.

  11. sir i want to know that what will be the amount of deduction if we dont get our demand letter and we want to cancel our flat before getting letter..??? And what will be the procedure for this…???

  12. Sir I have deposited required documents for flat possession. But when I visited flat, its a dirty joke. So now I want to cancel my allotment and get refund of 1 lac rupees. But I have deposited all documents like NOC from bank and Acknowledgement slip. Now whats the procedure for cancelation.

    • the procedure for cancellation or surrender of flat is already shared but you have submitted the documents then you need to visit and write an application for the cancellation and have to take help any of the official of DDA for the surrender of flat only that I can suggest you.

  13. Hi Kapil,Do we have specific application format at DDA for surrendering the flat?Or Any form to be filled by Allotte before cancellation?Please suggesst

    • No, you don’t have to fill any form for the cancellation/surrender of flat just have to give some documents which you can find in above post or an application you just done for further please read the article carefully.

  14. Namaskar kapil ji

    I’m also a successful candidate of DDA housing scheme 2014. I surrendered my flat with the above mentioned documents in the DDA vikas sadan. but still no amount has been returned to me. i just want to know sir if there is any update / information regarding this matter. pls. help me.
    rajesh sharma

    • Sorry Rajesh I have no clue that when will applicants got the refund who surrender or cancel the flat. So, you have to wait whatever date is given by the DDA officials.

    • 1st of all once you surrender flat ,you got a receipt of surrendering the flat .This is your proof .They also informed ,it will take one month to refund money for surrendered application .

  15. Sir,i had applied for surrender of flat in Dec.2014.but till date not received my refund.I have visited DDA office and met day.director.every time,they gave new date after 15 day.but till date,I have not received my money.
    Sunil kumar

  16. Dear Sir,
    I deposited all documetns for cancillation the alloted flat in DDA Housing Scheme 2014 on Feb’15 but still not got the refund amount.
    Toll free numbers are not working and i am unable to come there. So reqest to you please inform me how i copmlaint through E-Mail, so that i got the amount.
    Manoj Singh

  17. i had surrendered my dwarka flat in august but didnt get my money back till yet..when dda refund my amount with panelty then they should also pay me with same panelty..humara paisa free ka koi hai..govt chahe jitna kat le par govt jan late paise degi to unpe bhi to panelty lagni chahiye..maine itne mail kar diye 20 bar dda office vikas sadan ja chuka par koi reply nai maine apna flat surrender kia tha kyunki meri sister ki shadi thi january me phir bhi mujhe abi tak paisa nai mila…yai hota hia ek aam aadmi k sath..

  18. Dear sir, i have received a possession letter of flat at Narela, and i allready deposit initail amount of dda Flat,. now i want to cancel this flat and refund the money… how much money will refund and what is process……
    pls update

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