How to Download Bigg Boss 8 App for Iphone / Smartphone Mobile

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If you are too busy in work so that watching your favourite BigBoss 8 at its scheduled time is impossible for you, then nothing to worry. There is Big Boss 8 official Android application is available to watch entire episode for free.

The Official Android Apps for Big Boss 8

Technology has discovered a new definition of marketing for entertainment industries. Through the application Colors TV has aimed to reach maximum groups’ people those love to watch the episodes their way through gadgets. In addition, the application can offer you other relevant information about the show as well.

The application for smartphone has been made by In Time Media capable of delivering interesting stuffs related to the show. Here you can get polls, additional videos apart from regular telecast, updates, etc. It also brings the opportunity to vote for their beloved participant in the house for having a 24 x 7 connection with the house.

Parts associated with Bigg Boss 8 Official App

bigg boss 8 app download imageYou can certainly expect maximum information about the show through the application, as this is the official tool for the show by Colors V. Starting from the nomination, elimination, watching videos, coming across with spoilers messages, latest tweets, etc the application is simply an awesome stuff offering 24 x 7 access with the house. The distinguishing part about the application is the live streaming. However, at some instance you may find very low sounds or no sounds. These are the instances when no one is speaking in the house. Some viewers stay in a doubt about their connectivity on these occasions.

Yes, your connectivity needs to be good. It’s always preferred to have best Wi-Fi compatibility, or 3G connections. Still, if you are having any doubt you my go for disconnecting it and connecting again. Start the process again with the application, and it’s quite sure for the tool to perform in a smooth fashion.

Anyway, making the task easier for the fans those who are interested about the application, we have provided below the link through which they can download the Big Boss 8 official application.

Taking part with Bigg Boss Season 8 through Official Android App

Big Boss Season 8 is a reality show with highest trps hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. As you know each week some contestants are put in nomination round, and among those one or in some cases a couple are eliminated from the house. The nomination or elimination depends upon various factors like task performances, popularity, and various others. This official Android application brings you every detail in a quite clear fashion. By the arrival of final week, a very few (about 3) contestants remain. Here a major part is played by the public whose vote matters in making someone the winner of show. The housemates have been generally from Bollywood, television personality, or known faces from other sectors. All these inmates have to come across with secret person known as “Big Boss” only through voice and notifications. It’s the Big Boss only who assigns task for the contestants, rewards them, or punish them for any wrong deeds.

Big Boss 8 app for iPhone users:

There is official Big Boss 8 application available for Iphone users as well. You can enjoy similar facilities here as well. Go through the link below for having Big Boss 8 iPhone app.

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