Procedure of Money Refund for DDA Housing Scheme 2014

DDA LogoAre you one of those who did not get the flat in the draw of lots for DDA housing scheme 2014 and wanted to know how will you receive the registration money or refund? Then you reached at right places would like to let you know that DDA has decided to refund the registration amount of Rs. 1 lakh within one month.

As the DDA draw result announced on 25th of November at its headquarters, Vikas Sadan and the whole process completed around 2pm and the result could be found online on the official website of DDA or you can check the list of DDA draw result winners here: List of DDA Draw Result Winners for Housing Scheme 2014.

Process to Refund Registration Money to Unsuccessful Applicants

As mentioned in the brochure of DDA in annexure “B” that DDA will refund the registration amount through the nodal branch of the bank wherein the applicants had deposited the application form. The concern bank will be responsible for the dispatch of refund cheques to unsuccessful applicants. The bank shall bear the responsibility for any loss on this account. DDA or the bank will not entertain any application for refund, loss/mutilation, and non-encashment of refund cheque one year after the closure of this scheme.

Any of the unsuccessful applicants don’t need to visit the bank branches because DDA will refund the registration money automatically through the nodal branch of the bank you had deposited the application form. The concerned bank shall be responsible for the dispatch of refund cheques.

In case you don’t get your cheque within 90 days or your registration money in your account then you are advised to contact nodal officer of the bank as given in annexure B in such cases.

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  1. I applied for the scheme online via payU money. I don\’t understand what is a nodal bank. My payment gateway was either pnb/hdfc (Most likely HDFC if I remember correctly)Can you please advice on how to proceed? PayU money team says money will come from DDA

    • Payumoney is online money transfer via which you have paid Nodal bank or nodal branches are those bank and branches which is authorized by DDA to send payment and selling application form for the DDA housing scheme.

      As you have paid via online mode then you will receive the refund to your account within maximum 90 days as DDA is trying to refund the registration money to online applicants within 30 days. So, just wait when you receive the payment.

  2. For Payumoney applicant , in which account dda will refund the amount by which the payment has been made or which is specified in application.In my case i have specified my spouse account details in application however paid money from my account.

    • The amount should be return in your spouse account as you mentioned in the application form instead of this it is highly recommend to the concern bank for the same. If any of the reader have better idea about it can share it with us.

  3. Dear Kapil,Thanks a lot for this valuable information. May I ask the way to get the confirmed method from DDA in written as they is the final Recipient. In the absence of such confirmation from DDA, it will facilitate banks to keep the matter lingering.ThanksSaurabh

    • Dear Saurabh,

      Unfortunately there is no such way to get refund in written from DDA and above shared information is taken from the brochure of DDA hope you have it well nothing is in applicants hands instead of wait or you may just visit the Bank for the confirmation but after 30 days as DDA is trying to refund within 30 days to applicants who applied through online mode.

      • DDA said that it has given clear instruction to banks to refund the money to unsuccessful applicants by 24th December. But since December is quarterly closing of banks so it is highly probable that they must have kept the refund on hold just to keep the deposited money with them to achieve their bank’s business targets. This is the reason why nobody has got any refund in the month of December. Now we can expect the refunds to start from the month of January. This way DDA has also earned crores of interest on funds deposited with banks for almost three months now without having to pay anything extra to the public.

        • i am not sure with you Vaibhav as several applicants got the refund and they share the information on varied posts on my website.

  4. Hi, I need your help to do a correction. I have applied online through HDFC bank on my father behalf ( applicant name my father ) but paid from my account and provided the same account number and IFCS code for the return. Now i realized that when bank will match the applicant name and the account number for refund, they will cancel the transaction. can you please guide me how to this account correction and where to reach , HDFC bank or DDA?

    • Abhishek your problem is critical as you have paid through your bank account and applicant was you father I will suggest you to take the help of Bank through which you have applied they can help you batter in this regard as DDA not making any correction in the form.

      • Hi Kapil, I have the similar kind of problem like Abhishek.. is there any solution for this. Or Abhishek can you please confirm if u have got the refund or not?

        • Aman do the same as done by Abhishek as bank ask him for some documents and they will re-issue the refund draft.

          • Thanks Kapil..can you also do me a favour and provide the details for nodal branch for SBI to which i can visit to get this sorted out.

          • Here it is
            State Bank of India – Mr. M. K. Gupta – 24626831/24658493, SBI, INA Vikas Sadan, New Delhi – 110023

        • Hi, HDFC sent a refund cheque to the address mentioned in the application but the problem is that the cheque has my father’s name and MY account number mentioned as i mistakenly mention my account number and IFCS code for the return . I don’t know how to get it corrected. Any help or information is appreciated.

          • After viewing other HDFC applicants problem they are saying to visit DDA head office as HDFC not taking responsibility to correct the cheque further will be appreciated by the reader who already facing same problem.

      • Hi Kapil,

        I am having the same issue as Abhishake mentioned. I have paied the amount through ICICI bank and where I need to contact to get the account number coorected.

        Can you please help me on this? I would be really thankfull to you.

        • There is no facility at the moment to correct the detail if you have use the wrong bank details while filling form and made payment via online then you will get the refund in your account automatically if you have made the payment via offline mode then wait for the refund draft/cheque after that you can contact the bank if is their any issue.

        • I have applied online through ICICI bank on my father behalf ( applicant name my father ) but paid from my ICICI account and provided the same account number and IFSC code for the return. Now i realized that when bank will match the applicant name and the account number for refund, they will cancel the transaction. can you please guide me how to this account correction and where to reach , ICICI bank or DDA?

          • no option to correction ask ICICI for help as they did not started the refund process so can’t say anything about their service.

          • Hey Kapil !
            I have made the same mistake as Gopal did and i received the cheque from ICICI Bank yesterday only. On the cheque Account no. is mine but its in the name of my father. I spoke to the customer care ( ICICI) and they told me to contact the nearest ICICI Bank Branch. When i visited the Branch they told me to get it corrected from DDA itself. I am not sure how to proceed for this as i don’t live in Delhi . Any help regarding Contact details of DDA personals regarding correction in Cheque ?

          • Sorry Kamlesh no contact details for correction of cheque if you are unable to visit ask your relative to visit dda office for the correction and let see what happens.

  5. Can u please tell me what will be the mode of refund.Through Demand Draft(DD) or Online Refund to my SBI Accont.I had applied through HDFC online gateway.

    • If you have make payment through HDFC online gateway then refund will debit to your HDFC bank account automatically in any case it doesn’t reflect in your account then don’t worry you will receive the Cheque on your address which you have use in form. The most chances to be refund in your account automatically.

  6. Dear Kapil ,My name is misspelled as Yekhla instead of Mekhla in the application.The mistake is from somebody who has uploaded the name.Will there be any problem in getting 1 lakh refund?Do i need to contact the bank ?Do i need to write any application -if yes to whom? please advice .Thanks Mekhla

    • There could be slight problem as you said it is showing name error to avoid any kind of inconvenience in refund of Rs. 1 lakh please write application to your Bank through which you have applied and let them find all the details as your address and account number will be same only have name issue. So it will be great if you do all work from your end.

    • To be very honest after several up and down at the time of draw not sure when will dda refund the money but as mentioned in DDA brochure they will refund the money within 90 days.

  7. Dear Kapil Kumar,Is there any applicant, who got his registration money refund into his account(Paid 1 lakh online). Means the refund process of DDA is started in current.What is the last refund date.

    • Dear Bhawnish,

      Unfortunately none of reader of my website got the refund so far in his account or check. DDA already given 90 days period of time for the refund after the draw date in their brochure but they are trying to refund registration money to applicants accounts. So no option instead of waiting to applicants.

      • Someone I know has received registration money back. He had applied through HDFC Bank. He did not get money transferred into his account but received a draft from the bank which he deposited into bank. I would like to get money transferred directly to my bank account like DDA promised.

        • Well DDA said to transfer the money direct in accounts but few applicants who got the refund cheque/draft saying that they filled the wrong account number. So it may be reason that banks sending the draft but still few people got the refund in accounts now the main concern of the banks become to refund the applicants money.

    • Wait at-least 90 days Ms. Lata if it happen earlier then it would be great but the maximum time is set by DDA 90 days.

  8. Hello Kapil,

    Above replies of yours ,to the readers ,solved my answers too.My only concern is that, I have applied on behalf of my wife and paid fee through our joint account and for the refund also mentioned the same account.Will it be a problem,if I had mentioned my wife’s name in the first name?As mine is First name in that Account.

    • As per my personal opinion there should not be any issue in the refund process to your account as you maid payment through the same account and mentioned it for refund purpose as well for further you can call to customer care of your bank or visit the branch.

  9. I had applied in DDA housing scheme and paid from my a/c. Since I m not amongst the winners please tell me, Now the refund will automatically come to my a/c or I have to fill any Refund application ?

    • Money will automatically comes in your account don’t need to fill any refund application form and there is no any refund application form provided by DDA as well. So keep calm and wait for the refund.

  10. I fill the dda form but not in lucky winners and it is around 1 month but i doesnot get the my refund back . dda draw get delayed by 25 days . so when we will receive my refund

  11. Dear Kapil,I had applied for DDA but was not lucky enough to win a flat. My question is that I gave the registration money through Demand Draft of Rs. 1 Lakhs. Shall I get the refund by Cheque?? Please Help.

    • Yes, you will get the cheque for the same and it will take longer time in comparison of applicants who have applied through online mode as 2-3 readers already got the refund in there account so you can expect the cheque in month of January or February.

  12. Hi Kapil,I am one of those successful applicants who got a flat in Narela in the recent housing scheme from DDA.However, I want to withdraw it. Whats the procedure for the same. Also, As I financed my registration amount through SBI, would DDA process the refund to SBI or directly to me? Please assist. Thank You!

      • Hi Kapil, i had a query that a flat is to my uncle in narela G-2,
        which was surrendered by him on 15th Dec 2014, before cancellation i contacted axis bank as we finance the application money from axis bank, but they told us that the cancellation procedure is not related to us as it is totally related to DDA, kindly tell me in how much time dda will refund such application money, as yesterday i had received a letter from from axis bank demanding their money.

        it would be helpful for me.

        Tripti Jain

        • Sorry mam we have no information regarding it that how much time DDA will take to refund the cancellation money you have to visit DDA office for the same.

          • Hi Kapil/Tripti,

            After a lot of hussles, Below is what I followed as I wanted to withdraw the flat in Narela G-8-

            I paid up my 1,00,000 Rs. to the bank through which I got the amount financed, got my acknowledgement slip and a NOC that my dues are clear from their end.

            Then I went to the DDA Office, Counter Number 4 with the below documents and an application for the surrender-
            1) Acknowledgement Slip of the DDA application received from the bank after paying my amount in full to them and closing their part
            2) NOC from the bank confirming the loan account closure and all dues clear
            3) Print out of the result page with my information highlighted
            4) Canceled Check so that DDA can refund the amount to me directly
            5) Copy of my PAN Card

            They accepted the application and provided me an acknowledgement. They said, the refund would be processed after the confirmation of the documents submitted by me and will take one month atleast for the process to complete.

            I think this information would help all those who want to surrender their allotted flats and not getting enough information on how to go ahead 🙂


    • No there should not be any problem during the refund if as you mentioned the same account details for the refund through which you have submitted the amount for surety you may also concern the bank but at my point of view there shouldn’t be any problem in refund.

  14. Hi Kapil,
    Whats the status on the refund process? Its already been 25th December and none of the people am in touch with who applied and were unsuccessful have received any refund.

    I applied online through PayUmoney and some of my friends did through cheque but no one has received any refund of 1lac.

    Any news you have to share on this? When can one expect the refunds to be completed and whom to contact and when , if we do not receive the refund.

  15. Thank You Kapil. The registration amount was submitted by the bank itself so it was my understanding as well that they would get the refund from DDA. However, when I checked with them, DDA Helpline person told me they would require the acknowledgement slip of the submitted form in order to process the refund. And, as the acknowledgement slip is with the bank, when I checked with them, they say you need to submit the 1,00,000 Rs. and only then they would give me the acknowledgement slip. I\’m stuck in between now. What do you suggest.

    • That’s really stuck Abhishek and sorry to say in this regard I can’t help you hope any of the reader who can help you let see is there any reader who can help you.

  16. Hi Kapil,
    I have done the registration by paying DDA through “DD” towards “DDA Housing Scheme 2014”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t got the flat. Being an unsuccessful applicant, I must get the refund of 1 Lakh by 25th Dec, 2014. But this didn’t happened yet.
    Please let me know:-
    1.) Do I have to fill up any form for the refund amount?
    2.) When I can expect my money back as refund?
    3.) Should I contact ICICI bank or reach out DDA contacts for the refund?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • 1) No, you don’t need to fill any form for the refund.
      2) Can expect the refund till February last week as per DDA brochure
      3) Till then did no heard that any of the ICICI or HDFC applicant refund the money.

      So wait for 1 more week and contact to ICICI bank in new year

  17. Hi Kapil,

    Please go throurgh the following website “”. Here some information related to refund is given. Is that relevant at all for refund of registration fee?

    • This page is not updated from a very long time and you can see yourself on the above of the page it showing “The page could not be found”. So I am not sure how much the information is relevant.

  18. Thank You So much. You are doing a great job. It has helped many to relieve from the unnecesary tension as DDA is not responding to our queries.

    • Thank you so much Sumeet Singh you really make my day thanks you so much for such lovely and positive feedback.

  19. I am an unsuccessful candidate this time, i had applied online through ICICI bank, and yet not received refund.

    Any change in refund decision by DDA?


    • May be ICICI did not start the refund process it could be reason that you have not receive the refund several SBI applicants receive their refund.

  20. hi kapil, bro i applied two ecnomic weaker section form on the behalf of my two employee from their names by online mode. but i paid the 10000 rs. money from my account and also mention the same account for refund. can there be problem coz account is name of mine and my employees name are diferent? now the applicant name and account holder name will be mismatched. so what is the solution for this? and which 1 is my nodal bank ? i applied through icici bank now there was an instruction that except the ICICI bank u can pay the money from other bank. i made RTGS by ALLAHABAD bank. now you tell me which 1 is my nodal bank? ICICI or ALLAHABAD ?

    • Regarding the refund their shouldn’t be any problem as you have made the payment online and all the unsuccessful applicants are getting refund in their account automatically. Allahabad is your Nodal branch still I will recommend to contact the allahabad bank for the refund process.

  21. Hi Kapil,I have a similar predicament. I applied for my father too, gave his bank details but paid through my account. So, the refund will be credited to his account or mine? I received my refund a few days back though.

    • thank you so much Ravi for sharing and giving your valuable time to write on my website it was great help for others as well. I really appreciate your job thank you so much once again Ravi.

  22. I submit my DDA application form in SBI but in application form I mentioned my BOB Bank details. I want to know that my registration money is transfer in which bank.

    • If you have made the payment through online mode then refund will comes in the account through which you have made the payment instead if you have submitted cash or DD then you will receive the cheque for the refund.

  23. Hi Kapil,I applied through HDFC Bank, I did not received the money till now, while my friends applied through SBI and got the money.Where is the problem, please let me know.

    • It may be because HDFC bank has not started the refund process I have also seen that several applicants who have applied through SBI got the refund while HDFC and ICICI applicants did not receive the refund so far.

  24. First of all, I want to thankyou Kapil Ji for these valuable inputs.Now my query is, I have applied DDA application with my wife name and amount of Rs.100000 was paid from my ICICI account. For refund I have given all my account details expect the account holder name where I mentioned my wife name by mistake.I know this is a complicated case. Please provide me your inputs to whom I need to contact and how, so that I can overcome this problem and can get my amount on time. or Please let me know if this is not a problem at all and DDA will refund the amount in the same account from which the amount was paid to DDA.

    • If you have made the payment through the online mode then you don’t need to worry at all refund will reflect in your account through which you have made the payment. In-case you have made the payment through offline mode then cheque or draft will comes in the name of your wife after that you can do the needful. I am not sure when the ICICI will start the refund process as SBI already starts the process and few of the reader of my website got the refund but not heard any of the reader got the refund from the ICICI, HDFC or any other private bank.

      If you have made the payment online wait till 11 January 2015 for refund if till then you don’t get any refund in your account call the customer care of ICICI or contact your customer relationship manager and the best visit the nearest ICICI bank and ask from them for the refund as other banks started the process.

      • Hi, I made an online application but HDFC sent me a refund cheque to the address mentioned in the application but the problem is that the cheque has my father’s name and MY account number mentioned as i mistakenly mention my account number and IFCS code for the return . I don’t know how to get it corrected. Any help or information is appreciated.

  25. Kapil..
    Gr8 job dude..good are really passionate about helping out ppl for DDA issues without intentions..thats a very gud sign…i am one of the fortune guys who didnt get the flat and unfortunately refund fron HDFC is pending…i think these private banks are accuring interest on our money..let me know what do you feel about it.

    • Thank you so much Prateek for such motivation feedback as per your query you may be correct as several SBI unsuccessful applicants got the refund but none of the HDFC, ICICI or other bank applicants got the refund may be they will start refund process after 10 January 2015.

  26. Hi kapil ,I have applied online through HDFC bank on behalf of my father as applicant.I have
    used my account no for payment, now i get refund as a draft , but the problem is they have write my father name with my HDFC account no , please advise is there any issue in refund ?

    • Submit this draft to your fathers account if the amount reflect in your father account then everything will be fine otherwise you have to visit the bank through which you have receive the draft and let them know the whole story.

  27. Dear, Kapil; how DDA refund the amount, I mean Will it be paid through cheque or it will be directly refunded in account. Has DDA prepared any list with refunding dates of particular unsuccessful person.

    • Applicants who made the payment online will get refund in their account automatically and the applicants who have submitted DD/Cheque then will get same on their address. As per dda brochure they will refund the registration money to applicants within 90 days after the draw date so you can expect the refund till February.

  28. I have applied online and paid for two Registration fees from same account ICICI Bank, one receipt of application I received from ICICI bank and another receipt I received from Union Bank. I made the payment through that icici form zero. Now I have a concern since I am unlucky this time, and when the amount will be refunded to my account? What is the deadline for refund date?

    • The deadline of refund as per DDA brochure is 90 days after the draw result and the draw was announced on 25 November so you can expect your money till 24th February last.

  29. Hi Kapil
    I have applied online from pnb site but payment was done from hdfc bank and i have filled the details of hdfc bank a/c in the form for refund. Could you please let me know which bank will be liable to refund my money. Will there be any issue in refund?

    • Sorry don’t have idea about this you need to contact customer care of HDFC or PNB for further the reason behind the delay may be these banks not started the refund process.

  30. I have applied ews category paid demand draft rs 10,000 pnb bank .when will get my refund money ? till date not received my money

    • As you submitted DD of Rs. 10K then you have to wait little longer as DDA promise to refund money till 24 December to those applicants who have made payment through online mode. May be you got cheque/Draft by the January or February as per DDA brochure.

  31. Hi… i paid through online.. Ubi.. Haven\\\’t got da refund yet.. Wat shd I do abt did?? S der ny procedure?? Shd I fill ny form?? Ny1 to b contacted??

    • It may be UBI has not started the refund process instead of this any other reason I can’t say you need to contact the UBI bank for further as other bank already started the refund process and you don’t have to fill any form to get the refund.

    • Sorry no idea about that contact the concern bank and let them know your account number and lost draft hope they will help you in this regard.

  32. hi,

    I have made payment from SBI account through axis bank easy pay potral? Is this same as payu?So my nodal contact point is axis bank or SBI.
    Please let me know

  33. I have applied against application number 0579674 but not yet received the refund. I have given my bank details in the application form. COuld you please confirm.

    • As per your query I guess you have submitted amount via cheque/draft so would like to inform you that you will get the cheque/draft as refund till January-February.

  34. My application no 3534830 in the name of yachana surana dt 15-10-14 paid threw easy pay (axis bank) my bank corporation bank transport nagar Jaipur branch my a/c no is 068100101000579
    Ifsc code CORP0000681 . Still I have not recd refund please confirm . Yachana surana 09314455166. 09414071415

  35. My application no 3534830 in the name of yachana surana dt 15-10-14 paid threw easy pay (axis bank) my bank corporation bank transport nagar Jaipur branch my a/c no is 068100101000579
    Ifsc code CORP0000681 . Still I have not recd refund please confirm . Yachana surana 09314455166. 09414071415

    Sir also I thing in my ac no is wrong so

  36. Hi Kapil,I have applied but unlucky.Still waiting for my 1 lakh refund money and it should be deposited in my account till 24 dec as specified by DDA but last date should be 31st dec as instructed by DDA to concren banks.Pls let us know to whom we need to contact ?

    • Hi Kapil, I have applied through net banking of SBI and mention my account no of Citi bank for refund, so amount should be reflected in SBI or in Citi bank account.
      also provide us the email id’s of concern dda persons as described in news, so that they know why bank is still not able to transfer money. pls respond to my queries.

      • The amount should be reflect in your SBI bank account as you have made payment using SBI net banking call the SBI Bank branch nodal branch help line number
        State Bank of India – Mr. M. K. Gupta – 24626831/24658493, SBI, INA Vikas Sadan

  37. I had applied online through my Kotak Mahindra Bank account and paid amount through same. I have heard that even some applicants who had applied online are receiving refund through cheques. What\’s the use of applying through online then and waiting for refunds. I too am in wait of my refund. Any updates?

    • You can ask the same in Nodal branch Kotak Mahindra Bank – Mr. Anish Munshi – 8586969235. Hope you receive the refund soon.

  38. Hi,I applied online through Payumoney in my mother`s name and paid money from my account. However I mentioned my mother`s account details in the form. Secondly I have given two different address in Residential & Correspondence address. Pl. confirm in whose account money will be refunded and whether it is online or by cheque. In case it is by cheque than on which address will cheque will be dispatched as no one right now is available on residential address.

    • The refund should comes in direct your account through which you have made the payment in-case your bank send you draft or cheque it will dispatch on your correspondence address

  39. Hi Kapil,

    I have applied for DDA ONLINR through my HDFC bank website. But Still I have not received the money back. Can you tell whether I receive the money through cheques or the money will come directly in my bank account?
    How much time it will take to come into my account?

    • you should receive the amount in your account directly but can’t say anything about HDFC as few applicants who applied through online got draft can’t say when will you receive it depends on your branch so contact them.

  40. Dear Kapil,
    I have got the refund through Demand Draft (HDFC Bank) yesterday as I applied through offline mode.

    Thanks for your advise.

  41. Hi Kapil,

    I made a mistake while filling my bank account detials in formzero. I have paid my application fee through SBI online banking. How should I rectify my bank details ?

    • No option to correct the mistaken data however you may receive the refund in your SBI account automatically through which you have made the payment.

  42. Hi Kapil,Do you have any contact of ICICI bank associates who work with formzero online payment portal? I applied in DDA 2014 scheme through formzero but haven\\’t received refund yet. I wrote a mail to formzero as well but haven\\’t got any reply.Thanks

    • You may contact here Marshal ICICI Bank – Mr. Gaurav Kishore – +91-11-33667777 / 41718000, +91-11-30278842

  43. hi kapil…bank is saying they don,t have any information regarding refund and dda is saying that they have instructed banks..whom shd we ask now for refund ?

    • Only bank can help you in refund as several other banks already started the refund process and people got the refund online and draft and cheque as well.

  44. Dear Kapil,

    Have applied the DDA through Axis bank online payment, but still have no clue that when i could get money back. Can you guide..

    Many Thanks,

    • You should receive the refund automatically in your account as few applicants receive the refund from Axis Bank so ask your branch for the refund details or call the customer care of Axis Bank.

  45. Dear all,All you who applied online either through payuonline( SBI/HDFC/OTHER BANKS)/axis bank or Other Banks, they are supposed to get the money back directly to their bank account either through NEFT ( if their bank details are different than bank through applied ) or, by third party transfer if both bank is same latest by 24/12/14 as directed by DDA to bankers. DDA had already returned money of unsuccessful applicant to their banker through which you have applied on 20/12/14. Some bank like SBI returned to their applicant on 23/12/14 which have given SBI bank details or else but private banks like HDFC,ICICI, AXIS & other Banks have made a game plan to fool the applicant by delaying through any means to get the benefit of interest as it will be huge amount if you see for as many as lac of applications. While inquiring today with HDFC bank regarding my refund they informed that they have dispatched the money ( through draft) by registered post to my address and they are telling that NEFT is not the secured way to transfer the money as it does not verify the name of bank holders.How many of you can buy this argument ? I have completely rejected this argument as all we are aware that every day lac of crores are transacted through NEFT under the guidance of RBI and it is easiest,fastest and safest way to transfer the money but dear fellow at HDFC bank are telling completely lies.Even you all may know that HDFC does not even go through NEFT but through third party transfer which may be done through inside of banks for transferring to account holders of their bank as all customer\\’s data are available with them but what they are doing are tactical to delay the payment for getting the benefit. All have to be united to fight against this corruption and all are requested to claim their interest money @ penal interest rate (18 % ) first by raising the matter before their grievance cell through e-mail and if they are denying then raising the matter to RBI banking ombudsman through online portal and quoting the reply by bankers. If all allow bank to let them go their way then no body can change India what all we are dreaming . All the process of complain regarding grievance cell or RBI banking ombudsman are online based and it is very quick process and you need not to even spare a single paisa. Come On INDIA. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT AND TRUTH.

    • Hey where it is mentioned that return is supposed to be from NEFT.
      Also I applied through HDFC but paid the amount via ICICI and mentioned the same ICICI account details for return, then shouldn’t refund be via NEFT?

      Also I have done blunder of mentioning my account details on my father’s application. Do give me solution for that too because cheque has my father’s name and my account number.

  46. I have same issue I have done my transaction through icici bank from my aacount and applicant was my father how can I get my payment my icici bank branch is cp New Delhi where I need to contact

    • refund should comes in your account automatically but still you need to call ICICI bank for the confirmation as none of ICICI applicants got the refund don’t know why they are delaying in it.

  47. Dear Kapil Jee,I made online payment of registration money by using account of one of my friend\\’s ICICI bank. In the application form I provided name, IFSC code and account number of my own account which is in different bank i.e. Syndicate Bank. Can you through some light about name of bank in which my registration money will be refunded.Regards,ranjit

    • Refund should be reflect in your friend account automatically contact ICICI customer care for the reufnd details.

  48. Hi,

    I have applied on behalf of my mother and gave her account details while filling up the form online. I made a payment thru icici bank but I don’t remember the bank thru which I have applied for DDA. Is there a way to retrieve my application to check the details? I have my application number with me. Can I contact ICICI bank to know the status? if yes then can I call the customer care and register a complaint or should I visit nodal branch?

    Please help me out.

    Thanks in advance

    BTW I have not yet received money.

  49. most probably I have applied thru ICICI bank only but my mom\’s account is oriental bank of commerce.

  50. Dear Kapil,

    Have applied for DDA through ICICI bank online payment, but still havent received the refund. when I called the customer care they do not have any details for DD/NEFT/RTGS . They asked me to contact DDA helpline to take the payment details/mode of payment details , then only they will be able to provide any information. Request you to please let me know the details.

    Many Thanks,

    • I am not sure what exactly ICICI asking as other banks are already sending the refund via NEFt and cheques as per news none ofICICI applicants got his refund so wait till ICICI start the refund process.

  51. Dear Kapil,

    I had applied for DDA through ICICI bank online payment, but havent received the refund yet. When I called the customer care they do not have any details for DD/NEFT/RTGS . Please let me know when will I get the refund since it has been a month now.


    • on this page most of the applicants from ICICI bank who did not receive the refund however other applicants from HDFC, SBI and other bank already getting refund from varied mode may be there is something which ICICI is not sharing with the people DDA can’t help you in this regard as other banks already started refund process onlyICICI applicants did not get the refund.

  52. dear siri have recieved my 10000/- rs cheque last week at my home but by the folt my cheque is lost last day and i have visit at hdfc bank they told me go to dda office for complant and new cheque 00588331 so pls suggest me how can i get my on other cheque nitin

    • You have to visit the DDA head office as recommended by the HDFC bank and after that HDFC bank will issue you new cheque no any other option.

  53. Hi Kapili applied in DDA housing scheme paying full amount of Rs 1 lakh through HDFC bank RTGS . Now i have changed my address at which where i was staying 3 months back at the time of filling the form, and will not be available at that place to collect the cheque/ddPlease suggest me, how can i collect my DD now? DDA office? HDFC bank? Please advice, waiting for your reply

    • The refund should reflect in your account automatically but HDFC sending draft/cheque to all applicants either they have applied online or offline as you have changed your address contact HDFC bank and let them know that they don’t post your chque you will carry it and also inform them that you have shifted another place hope they will do the needful to you.

  54. Hi Kapil,I have filled the DDA form on my father\\’s behalf. Online transaction has been done from my account. I have received the cheque with my account number but the name that has been mentioned is of my father. Due to this im unable to process that cheque. I tried to contact DDA helpline number, but its not working. Do you have any idea on this?

    • Yes, Vaibhav contact the bank through which you received the refund and let them know the issue they will ask some documents from you and will re-issue you new cheque.

      • Hi Kapil,

        I’m not clear on this. The account that was used for transaction was my HDFC account and the cheque sent by DDA is also for HDFC> account number is mine but it mentions my father’s name.
        HDFC people are saying that DDA can make required changes as cheque has been sent by them. Bank can’t clear the cheque as this thing would be auditable for them.
        What should I do next?

        • It should be correct by HDFC bank if the payment have to sent by DDA then as per their commitment all the applicants should receive the refund in their account. Earlier one of the applicant have same problem I forget the name of bank they ask some documents and ask applicants to visit the CP branch and they re-issue new cheque to him. Don’t know what procedure id HDFC bank is following if they are saying that you have to visit DDA headquarter then visit it once I am not sure because every bank has their own rule regulation if DDA said that it should be done by the bank then do the needful but as per my opinion it should be done by the bank as their are so many applicants who paid on other behalf.

          • Vaibhav, I have the similar case with HDFC. I am overseas so any information you get from HDFC is appreciated.

  55. Dear Kapil jee,

    Ref. my above query. I am bit confused. I applied online using one of my friend ICICI bank. My friend made the payment on my behalf but in the online application form there is a column of refund particular. In this refund particular column I given my own account no. and other details for refund. I am in impression that ICICI will refund my money into account which I mentioned in refund particular column. Shall be grateful for your clarification in this regard.

    • Ranjeet I already read your query earlier if ICICI make refund through NEFT or online the refund will automatically credit in your friends account as you made payment through his account as DDA not started the refund process. So, I can’t say how will they refund money via cheque/draft or online. If they made the refund cheque on your corrrespondence address your need not worry they will make it on your favor and will not have any issue in it if you still have any query can post again.
      I can understand how difficult to arrange such amount and really feel offended when did not get the refund on the time.

      • Thanks Kapil jee for your clarification. You are really a philanthropist by doing this for community welfare.

  56. Hi,
    I paid via ICICI bank online mode for the amount but have not recieved any refund, What shall i do in that case.

    Prateek Sharma

    • you can only wait Prateek or maximum can call the customer care of ICICI or visit ICICI bank branch for the refund details like date and when they will send it to your account.

  57. Hi,
    I haven’t received the amount.
    my bank is UBI.
    My account is in alwar branch.But i stay in delhi so made a DD through vasant vihar Ubi branch.I didn’t receive any thing from them no cheque no refund.Please tell me the way so that i can get it.I needed for my daughter marriage.It very imp for me.waiting for your reply.

    • As your branch is out of Delhi it may be reason it taking time to refund instead of this I would recommend to you please contact the UBI Branch in Vasant Vihar only they can help you to get refund soon it is worthless to contact the DDA for refund as they submitted the refund amount in concern banks as on 18th December and now its banks responsibility to refund amount to applicants on time. So, visit the UBI branch or call customer care.

  58. Kapil sir, Kindly advise.I paid money online for my brother from my account.I mentioned my same account number and IFSC code in which money should be refunded . I used ICICI account . If any problem exists , please let me know the nodal officer of icici bank.Thank you !!!

    • There should not be any issue in refund however till date ICICI not started the refund process it could be reason that you have not received the refund call customer care of ICICI or visit nearest branch Nodal Branch of ICICI Bank – Mr. Gaurav Kishore – +91-11-33667777 / 41718000, +91-11-30278842

  59. Hi Abhishek,if you are able to sort out this issue. could you please tell me how to fix it. could you please share on which branch I need to go or any contact number where I can reach out to solve this matter.Thanks,Anand

    • I think we need to go to HDFC bank Branch HDFC B 6 3, Safdarjung Enclave,opp. Deer ark,new Delhinew Delhi110 029
      Contact : SUJIT KURUP ANANT SHINDE SANDEEP PUTHRAN 022-30751912 2041 2042

      I am overseas so if you get any info please let me know. I am trying as well

  60. Dear Kapil ji,
    I along with my Wife & daughter had applied on line through PayUMoney (HDFC Bank) and FormZero(ICICI Bank) and were unlucky. We have not yet received our refunds of registration Money (Rs. One lakh each) through NEFT or DD. Kindly advise suitably.

    • Binod Ji,
      Contact nearest HDFC bank branch or call on their customer care they will confirm you when will you receive the refund in your account via cheque/draft or NEFT.

    • I am please to help you Vaibhav hope the others also learn from it and will do the needful thanks to you for revisit the website and sharing positive and valuable feedback.

  61. I have made did through yes bank. Because my account in yes bank. But fill form in union bank of India. But till now I have no received 1 lac money. So please give your advise how I can get it9560015822. Ankur garg

  62. Hi Kapil I submitted the amount through DD . So what will be the procedure to get the money back. Will it be credited to my account or will I get the cheque? I am living in delhi but the SBI account through which payment was made is in Bareilly.So basically I just need the information that where in case I have to collect the cheque from in delhi where I have submitted the DD in laxminagar branch or in Bareilly where DD was made.Waiting for ur invaluable response.RegardsRahul

    • Rahul as you have submitted the DD then you will get refund in form of cheque or DD. The refund cheque will be dispatch on the address which you have mentioned in form for correspondence purpose.

  63. Sir,I have forgotten the name of Bank by which I made online payment by using my SBI a/c to book DDA flats–Bank reference IG000SRYV7. Can you or some one can help me to trace the name of bank,so I can approach for refund.

    • Sorry Surendra I don’t have idea about it however you can ask the SBI branch for the refund as the money deduct from this account.

  64. Sir, I took loan of Rs.100,000/- from Andhra bank and bank itself deposited my form with DDA. Today, they called me and informed that DDA is sending the refunds to applicants directly irrespective of whether he has taken loan or not. Is it so ??? Can you please inform.

  65. Hi, I had applied 2 applications, one in name of myself and another in my wife name. Both the draft were through my account and for refund I have written my account in both the form. Yesterday I have received both the ICICI cheques. One which is in my name is correct because that has my name of my ICICI account but My wives one has Her name and my account number. I have depossited the cheques in ICICI Vaishali branch. When I had visited the branch they are not aware the process. Any suggesiton would be highly appreciated.

    • First of all make call on customer care of ICICI as per my opinion this correction should be done by ICICI bank they may ask some document after that they should re-issue new cheque if they don’t to the needful visit DDA head office and let them know the issue.

  66. Hi Kapil.My amount is still not refund in my account. I have done my transaction through SBI Net Banking and mentioned the account details of Citi Bank in form when applied.Still not getting any amount in both banks. So in that case to whom I need to contact, DDA or which Bank(SBI or Citi Bank). also pls provide me mail id\\\’ of DDA or provide numbers to contact them directly.

    • contact the SBI for refund details unfortunately I have only those number which already share instead of this no contact information at the moment.

  67. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for DDA housing scheme 2014 application through by hand via State Bank of India, District Centre, Janak Puri, Delhi. I have made payment of Rs. 10,000/-. I have not received the refund so far.

    • Neetu Ji, please call the customer care of SBI or visit the branch for the refund detail as several SBI applicants already got the refund via cheque/draft so you should also receive the same.

  68. Hi Kapil,My wife had filled the form on behalf of her brother and paid from her account, now the ICICI refund cheque has been delivered with her brother name on the cheque and account number of my wife, which cant be processed by the bank. Could you please suggest what can be done in this case?

    • First of all would like to congratulate that you are the first applicant who got cheque from ICICI bank as none of ICICI applicants got the cheque or draft.
      For the correction in cheque call in your branch and inform them they will ask some documents and will reissue you new cheque or draft. If ICICI say that they can’t do it then visit DDA headquarter to resolve the issue.

  69. Hi Kapil.I appreciating your effort for helping all needy people. I am among them as well.I would like to know that today is last date for refund and it has neither being credited to my account nor I have received any DD. Is there any helpline number for them to inquire the status. Also I would like to know what will happen in case the DD is returned due to unavailability at home.Thanks again!

    • Hello Gaurav,

      Unfortunately DDA has not given help line to know the status of refund you can call the customer care of your bank through which you have made the payment.
      In-case if the DD returned on unavailability at home then again call your bank and inform them they will ask you to come at branch will provide you draft in branch.

  70. Hi Kapil, I have received the refund DD but cannot encash it because of the demand draft bearing both Name and Account number. Problem is- Applicant name – Rakesh Ranjan, Account holder name is – Kumari Priya. Now the demand draft has applicant name and account holder account number which will not match. Can you tell me how this can be corrected and a fresh demand draft having either applicant name or Account number can be resend for encashing. Following are the details of the refund:Application number – 3042310Rakesh

    • Call your bank through which you receive the draft and let them know the issue they will ask some documents and will re-issue new draft otherwise visit DDA head office for the correction.

  71. hi kapil
    I have applied for DDA housing shceme via Formzero website through ICICI bank.I could not get flat in luckydrow. I submit money in ICICI branch ICICI0000104. Now I dnt know where should I call to know about refund deposte money and when I will get my money back. Can you guide me.

    • Call in branch through which you have apply as well as call ICICI customer care for the refund details they will help in you this regard.

      • kapil I am not a customer of ICICI BANK anf when I call ICICI customer care number they don’t give any direct option to talk with executive and give unnecessary option of thier bank service but not where can I ask to executive regarding DDA refund. if you have any number or email id where I can ask for information please share or share any suitable step to improve my situation.
        thanks in advance

        • Ok, if you have used the form zero then ask your bank from which the amount is deducted unfortunately no help line number provided by DDA for the customers to nkow the status of refund or wait for few more days for the refund otherwise last option is to visit the DDA head office.

          As per my knowledge DDA will not respond anything on refund till February as they have given 90 days time to refund the money but however trying to refund it before the set time frame. All the best Jitender hope it is something which works for you.

  72. Can u please tell the contact no. for the refund process.

    One for DDA and Contact for Nodal branch of IndusInd Bank both.


    • Please call on nodal branch of Induslnd Bank – Mr.Rajiv Malik – 9999611812 as well as customer care of IndusInd bank.

  73. Hi Kapil,

    I have deposited the DDA security money of Rs 100000 through my salary account in HDFC bank using netbanking. The gateway provided was PayUMoney. I have read and seen the news where 31st Dec 2014 was last date for the banks to refund the money in resoective accounts who did not win the auction. I have still not received the money and really worried. Kindly, help me with my problem advise if i need to connect with anyone. I stay in Mumbai and the nodal branch for HDFC mentioned in the brochure was Harsh Bhawan, Central CP, New Delhi.I would really appreciate you reply or any kind of help.


    • Hello Varun,

      You can call the customer care of HDFC bank as they have already started the refund process and sending refund in form of cheque/draft on the correspondence address of applicants. If you have use the Delhi address for the cheque it should receive soon for further confirmation please call HDFC bank helpline or branch through which you have made the payment.

      • As i mentioned, i had used netbanking. Also, i stay in Mumbai. So, what is the process? I called customer care and they are not replying anything but asking me contact DDA.

        • Yes, my friend i already read it that you have used net banking but HDFC is not transferring payment through NEFT you can wait for few more days for the refund because DDA will ask you contact the bank for refund as they have already deposited the amount in concern bank on 18 December 2014 and now bank responsibility to deliver the refund on time.
          If customer care are not helping call the branch through which you have made the payment may be then can do something for you in this regard.

        • Hey ! Varun , I am facing the same problem , My bank is also telling me to contact DDA, as i am not from delhi it is a mess now. Let me know of DDA’s response regarding your problem.

  74. Hi, i had applied for DDA flat through ICICI Bank \”FORMZERO\”.. Have not received the refund as yet while my known people have received the refund chqs long back.. they had applied thru HDFC, AXIS or other banks,.. Where to complain

    • You can complain to DDA or do the same in ICICI bank in written if any reader have better idea can share his thought and for your information Rahul none of ICICI applicants receive the refund so far so still you have to wait for the refund.

  75. Hello I am facing same problem. I also paid through ICICI bank online and gave same details for refund. But now instead of directly transferring the total amount into my bank, they have given cheque with my father\’s name and my account number. Bank said it is not their problem and they can\’t accept it. DDA is offline. Don\’t know what to do but initially I hoped that refund will be through NEFT because I payed through PayU but now it is all mess. My father is going to kill me certainly.

    • To be very frank I could not understand why Banks are not refunding the amount to online users directly in their account as they have receive the fund from the account and have to refund in same.
      No one kill you Jai 🙂 contact the bank for correction or have to visit DDA head office for the same instead of this no other option.

  76. hi kapilI have applied for DDA housing shceme via Formzero website through ICICI bank.I could not get flat in luckydrow. I submit money in ICICI branch ICICI0000104. Now I dnt know where should I call to know about refund deposte money and when I will get my money back. Can you guide me.

  77. I have paid DDA registration fee from icici bank using axis easy pay system only and I have mentioned ICICI bank details for refund in application form.Which bank is responsible for refund of my registration fee? Will this be ICICI or Axis?

  78. Hi Kapil,I applied for dda 2014 housing scheme.The application was in my fathers name and yesterday ,I received the DD from hdfc bank.The problem is that the DD has my fathers name and my account number.Can you please let me know whom to contact to get this issue solved.I called up hdfc ,but they said they cant do anything.

    • If HDFC already said that they can’t do anything then visit DDA head office for the correction and ask to issue new cheque let see what they do.

  79. Hi,I applied for DDA through Icici form zero. In application form i mentioned my bank details of my icici account but i paid from my dad\\’s SBI account. So is there issue in that and if not then money will gets refund to which account.appreciate your comments.Thanks

    • You will receive the refund cheque/DD soon on your address however you can contact the SBI branch for the exact date and wait accordingly.

  80. Dear Kapil I paid Rs. 1,00,000/-each for my father and sister, both on line through my HDFC Bank account and in application i mentioned my father and sister bank account number as per DDA instructions. Now today is 5th January and still there is no refund. Please advice me whome to contact the bank or DDA or to wait for some more time.Thanks

    • Javed as several other applicants already received the refund but once contact your HDFC bank for the refund details and let see what date they are giving to you and wait till date.

  81. I have applied for DDA Housing Scheme however I have not been selected in lucky draw of DDA so I want my money back as I have not received the same till date. I have applied for DDA allocation through ICICI form zero site however the bank chosen for refund was chosen as Citi Bank.Please let me know where I will get my refund

  82. I have applied for DDA allocation through ICICI form zero site however the bank chosen for refund was chosen as Citi Bank.Please let me know where I will get my refund

  83. dear kapil,
    my name appears in dda list but i have lost my dda acknowledgement slip.due to this,dda not issuing me the allotment letter.plzprovide help.

    • Have you asked what alternative you can use as you don’t have acknowledgement slip as I also don’t have idea for such cases may be DDA will give you new acknowledgement slip after view your application number and payment details.

  84. Dear Sir / Mr. Kapil

    I have not awarded any DDA flats so my refund has been sent by the DDA through Courier as cheque. But after some time I received the sms that your cheque has been returned due to incomplete address. for assistance contact nodel office.

    I dont know about the nodel office. please suggest & guide me for the same as well.

    My address is: F-14,T huts – Indiranagar,JJ colony ,Shakarpur, (near Britania flyover).Delhi-34

    Please suggest as soon as possible.

    thanks & regards.

    • You can see the DDA brochure for Nodal branch or can visit the Bank through which you have applied as nodal branches are not pickiup phones so its worthless to give you number. So do the best thing first visit the branch through which you have applied and see brochure as well.

  85. Hi have filled DDA application through Axis bank finance scheme. Axis bank has already charge 4050 Rs. for that. Now as i am not a lucky winner; i am not sure if i need to do anything in that case.I have given two cheque to Axis bank – one of 1 lac rupees and another of \”not over 5000\”. How to confirm that bank is not going to use the second cheque.

  86. Hi Kapil,

    Thanks a ton for your replies. I have a quick query:
    I have applied via DD from a bank, ICICI in which I hold a saving bank account at the same branch. How will I get the refund? Via DD at my communication address? or it will be directly credited to my account. Please reply.
    And is there any way to know the exact date(possible) of refund or anything kinda status etc

    Thanks in advance

    • As you said you have submitted the DD then you will get refund in form of DD or cheque on your correspondence address. Yes, ICICI bank can confirm you the exact or expected date of refund so call in your branch.

  87. Thanks for your respond Kapil. I have received my refund check today by speed post. It was sent by Axis bank since axis bank gateway was used for registration fee payment.

    • That’s great Santosh I glad to know that you got the money via cheque may be due to security reasons Axis and other banks are sending the cheques as per my discussion with few applicants. So thank you so much for sharing this great news with us.

  88. Hi Kapil,Just wanted to let your users know,that incase if the correspondence address is incorrect the DD will return back to the concerned bank.The bank will then refund the amount via NEFT.I could not collect the DD sent by HDFC on 31st dec.Today the amount has been transferred to my HDFC Account.Regards,Utkarsh

    • Thank you so much Utkarsh Ji, it’s really big help as I was also not aware about the same and it will surely help others you will really did great job as this post is sharing the helpful information and you play a vital role so thank u so much once again.

  89. ICICI has issued the cheques and are valid for 3 months. I will suggest to add your father\\’s name in your account as joint holder then you can deposit the cheque. I made 3 payments online but they have refunded in cheques and not online transfer. If you will go for cheque correction they will make MUSSADI LAL out of you.

    • Thanks sky for the solution but not possible for everyone to open a joint account as it should be correct by the banks but I think they are not correcting error as they want some new account in their banks.

  90. Hi kapil. My wife submitted application form in icici bank, but still waiting for refund. She got message from bank last week that her cheque is couriered through procure courier, but she did not receive the cheque yet. Even when we are trying to track courier site, it shows invalid tracking number. Please suggest whom to contact for this.

  91. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for DDA flat via online mode form ICICI bank, while I have applied on the name of my Jiju, transaction was made through my account. refund account was also same.

    As instructed refund amount if paid online will be refund online, but in my case cheque has been issued in my jiju name and account name mention is mine.

    Now I have stuck up. please help

    • Kunal first visit your ICICI branch and ask for the correction nothing is best if they do incase they said to visit DDA head office then do the same and ask dda official for the correction.

  92. Hi Kapil,

    I have applied for DDA Housing Scheme however I have not been selected in lucky draw, so I want money back as I have not recieved the same till date. I have applied through SBI net banking form zero. Please let me know where I will get my refund.

    Application form DDA: 6014697

    Branch Details:
    Branch Name : MAYAR VIHAR
    Branch Code : 7881
    IFSC Code : SBIN0007881
    MICR Code : 110002230


      • For what purpose Sandeep to make correction in cheque or for the refund if you are going for the refund then its worthless tovisit DDA office instead visit the branch through which you made the payment.

    • Sandeep first visit the SBI Mayur Vihar branch for the refund details or take help of nodal branch State Bank of India – Mr. M. K. Gupta – 24626831/24658493, SBI, INA Vikas Sadan.

      • Hi Kapil,

        I applied Online thru my bank for my cousin thru PayUMoney. I received refund cheque with her name but my account number thru Kotak Mahindra Bank. But because the Name on the refund Cheque (cousin) doesn’t match with Bank Account number (my account), so unable to deposit the cheque. Can you plz suggest who can make correction in the cheque in my case?

        • you should contact to your customer relationship manager of Kotak Mahindra Bank or call Kotak Mahindra Bank – Mr. Anish Munshi – 8586969235
          if the bank denied to correct your cheque then visit DDA head office for the correction of cheque or you can open an joint account in bank and clear it or further will be advise by your bank.

  93. Hi Kapil,

    I have not got the refund so far. Do you have an idea if people have already got the refunds and I should contact the nodal officer, or should I wait further?

    • Kamran almost every branch applicants already get the refund even ICICI as well but most of the people still waiting for it instead of waiting for the refund first make call to your bank and ask them when will you get the refund and then wait.

  94. i just want to know dat through which courier did icici bank has despatched the cheque of dda housing scheme refund.

    • Sorry not have information about it as they are using different courier in different location it would be great if you could contact your branch for the same and date when will you get the refund.

  95. Dear,It is corporate governance of the company to give refund as soon as possible and it is our money which was refunded by DDA . It is not the bank who is supposed to earn the interest from our money. SBI returned the money on 23/12/14 through NEFT but all private are cheaters and do not follow any rules.NOw they are giving excuse that they have sent first by BSA couriers which I have never heard of and on tracking , no tracking details is found except it is written that courier is refunded back due to out of servicable area.

  96. I’ve posted this to HDFC bank FB page :

    Is HDFC cheating many DDA applicants by not refunding their money on time.Many banks have refunded the money on or before 31 December as the target date set by DDA.
    Are these banks planning to make interest on money from common man ?

    (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));
    Post by Vikky Agrawal.

  97. Thanks a lot Kapil.
    I have recieved my refund dd today.
    Appreciate your efforts helping and guiding people.
    Thanks again 🙂

  98. Thanks a lot Kapil.I have recieved my refund dd today.Appreciate your efforts helping and guiding people.Thanks again 🙂

  99. Please help me out, I have paid on behalf of my friend but I have provided his account details and his banks IFSC code, all information given was his but payment was made from my account.
    My friend had not yet received refund. I had also applied and paid by same account and I had received my refund.
    Please help me

  100. Flow path of APPLICATION AND refund will be as follows:APPLICANT —> BANK(X) but bank details of BANK(Y)—>DDA—>NOT SUCCESSFUL–> BANK(X)—> Refund to BANK(Y) through NEFT/CHEQUE/DRAFT

  101. After reading all the blogs , I would like to clear the doubts of all the people who all has applied either through payumoney /form zero or any mediator service that during refund they will not come in to picture as they are only gateway provider during applying the application . Refund money from DDA is in the hands of the bank through which you have applied i.e SBI/HDFC/ICICI/ OTHERS whether you have applied through payumoney /form zero or any mediator service. Suppose you have used gateway of payumoney through SBI then money have returned back to SBI. Suppose you have given refund detail particular of Axis bank there then SBI will refund your money to your AXIS bank account through NEFT or, to you via banker’s cheque/ draft to your postal address.banker’s cheque means bank is keeping your money in their account where as draft means bank have debited your money from their account. I think that I have tried to make all blogger understand the real process.

  102. dear kapil,
    i have applied for dda schmme thrught and paid amount from my friend account and details given in that form are mine account, he has also applied for but he got refund and i have not received. how to get the status of refund? what is the procedure to get refund or contact no to get the refund, my friend paid that amount from his bank Indian overseas bank.

  103. Dear KapilOn checking dda site, it was observed that indian overseas bank has not received any payment from DDA, and i have paid from my friend account of indian overseas bank, but i have applied from site and one payment received from ICICI Bank, green park, then where should i contact.

  104. Dear Kapil, I have changed my address so how do I collect the cheque as it would reach my old house and be returned back. Can I directly speak to the bank where in I deposited the DD and ask them for the cheque or should I speak with the postal dept.Pls advice.

    • Speak with your bank and let them know you have shifted to another address and please keep the cheque in branch and so that you can collect it from the branch and they will surely do the helpful for you.

  105. Hi,
    I have applied for DDA scheme 2014. I havent got my refund yet.
    I have done my payment by axis bank. do anybody got refund by axis bank?

  106. hey kapil and other people …just yesterday i went to the bank where i deposited my amount to ask about the status of my refund…and it was an coincidence that they were working on it and they promised me to refund amount in 1 or 2 hours…post lunch i received my amount in my acc through neft,,, so here i want u people 2 have some patience ,, cz ur money is safe and it will be returned within this month,….

    • That’s great Prashant that you have receive the money online and I am happy to finally bank starts sending money online directly to applicants accounts as earlier they were sending draft and cheque either you have applied online or offline.

  107. Hi Kapil,
    I haven’t got the refund yet. i applied online thru sbi pay you money using J & k bank for transaction. Applicant is my uncle however i have provided my citibank account details for refund. Could you please advise whom should I contact for refund? Please help.

    • As you have made the payment so the refund should automatically should credit in your account before 15th Jan or may be you got refund today evening as lots of SBI applicants got the refund already. For exact date of refund call SBI branch.

  108. Dear Kapil and All,I have read every single thread on this page but couldn\’t find an answer for my problem. Please help.I used Form Zero in to submit the appication and savings account used was SBI- Sector 10 Dwarka. Although Bank Managers contacted me but they are saying its not their responsibility and they have no clue of where my money is….Am I missing something or who do I need to contact.Is there a way I can contact FormZero in folks to seek guidnace or what am I suppose to do please suggest.Regards

    • How it could be possible that bank manager have no any other information about your amount as its deduct from the same branch account.
      Just wanted to know if you have application number then no problem you will receive your money automatically in your account its totally irresponsible answer by SBI manager well wait for few more days till 15 of Jan if you don’t get your refund can write or visit to DDA head office but as per knowledge you should receive the refund cheque or dd or online very soon. All the best

  109. Hello Kapil,First of all thanks for the help you are providing. I applied for 2 applications, one for me and one under my mother\’s name. I paid for both the forms by SBI online. For my mother when they asked the details of her bank account in the application form, I provided the details her bank account of PNB. I have already received the refund in my account for my application but not for my mother application. Should I have to have wait or is it due to the fact that applicant’s bank account is different from the bank account through which the payment is done?Please help.

    • Yes, that last option is wait for the cheque but before waiting for the cheque make a call in SBI branch and ask from them for the refund as SBI refunding money faster then other banks so you can expect your payment by today or in couple of days their is no issue with the bank details which you have use for the refund. so before wait make call inSBI branch.

  110. Hi Kapil,
    As I have tranferred money by online through ICICI bank and didn’t get my refund yet.Also I shifted to new address so not sure about the communication from OLD address. can you please guide me that which ICICI branch I need to contact for getting the details ?

    • Don’t worry Kamlesh if ICICI send you refund cheque then a message will comes on your phone that cheque is delivered to your address and if cheque is not receive by anyone then it will return to your bank from where you can collect but it would be better if you make call in your branch for the refund details.

      If they don’t sent any cheque the amount should automatically credit in your account.

  111. hello kapil, bro , i applied in behalf of my employee from my account. i did not win lottery. and now they issued me a cheque named my employee + my account. e.g. sumer (employee’s name), 50040156765 (my account).
    now here problem is that account is name of mine and sumer name is diferent. my account is in allahabad and issued by icici bank. now allahabad bank refusing this cheque coz name and account is nt matching. then i went to icici gohana (local branch in sonepat) branch. they said they cant help it. now where should i go? they suggesting me dda office. bt dda says bank will solve it. so wt should i do now ??

    • Atul you have already try whatever I suggest as you have visited the DDA office and as they said it will resolve by the Bank then call customer care of ICICI bank and inform them whatever conversation you have with DDA officials. It should be correct by ICICI after viewing some documents hope everything go fine soon.

  112. Hi Kapil,As per the Comment already given by the people they should have recieved the money till the end of the december last year only but till now we havn\’t recieved the refunding amount from the DDA.Could you please explicate the reason behind this delay?Here is my details:Application# 3110904Name : Juli Kumari SinghThankyou for your reply in advance Juli

    • According to this post the refund should reflect in the account of applicants till December 24 and for the same DDA have submitted the refund amount in concern banks as on 18th December 2014 after that banks started the process instead of sending money online to applicants account they send money in form of cheque and Demand Draft which takes too much time instead of this some private banks started the refund process very late after 5th January it is the another reason behind the delay of refund that is what I understand.

      As you have not received the refund then you have to call in your bank and speak to your customer relationship manager or concern person as it’s worthless to speak with DDA for the refund at the moment. Your bank can tell you the exact date of the refund.

  113. Hi Atul,I am facing the same problem my account is with ICICI bank and check is also issued from ICICI bank with name and account nuumber mismatch but they are not taking any responsibility and asking me to write a email to DDA office stating to reissue the DD with correct account holder. My concern is which email ID i should write. if anyone can help that will be very useful.

  114. bro i did not talk with dda officials. i am saying this as per dda guide lines that they say any problem will be solved by the bank. And what is the helpline no. of icici bank to query regarding DDA. or do i need to contact with DDA officials and for this where i have to meet with them… can u give me dda address or their helpline no. And bro i want to thank you from my bottom of my heart. you are the only1 who is trying to solve my problem. thankyou bro… thanks a lot.

    • The nodal branch contact details of ICICI Bank – Mr. Gaurav Kishore – +91-11-33667777 / 41718000, +91-11-30278842
      ICICI customer care details could be found on official site of ICICI here:
      First I will recommend to you to call in the ICICI branch from which you receive the cheque and asked them for the correction if they denied to resolve your problem then visit DDA head office: Vikas Sadan, INA.

  115. Hi ,I applied for two DDA flats by my name ( Shailendra Sharma) and second one by my Father\’s name (SN Sharma)I get the two checks by name Shailendra Sharma and SN Sharma , also both checks mention my Citiback Account no. I dont know why they have mention Citibank account number on both checks..Not i am getting the issue while clearance the check by my Father\’s name as my citibank account no. is written on this check.Please provide the way to get rid of this issue . Thanks !!

  116. Hi Kapil, Bro how are you? I have recieved the refund cheque from ICICI bank, the cheque is account payee, and the account number which I had mentioned in application is NRE account of ICICI bank. I paid registration money online throuhg ICICI bank but from NRO account, both the NRE and NRO account are linked account . what should I do ? Please help me.

  117. Hi Kapil, I received my DDA refund cheque (From ICICI bank) but, unfortunately i lost. Could please advise how i should approach this problem in order to get my refund.

    I’ve made payment via online through my account (ICICI).

    Many Thanks in advance!!

  118. Hi,

    I had applied for DDA flat via online mode. But I could not get lucky when the draw results came. Regarding the refund, I got a a message that my Cheque/DD has been couriered to my mailing address. I have recently moved to other location, so I called up the number they had provided in the message. They said that it will first go to the mailing address, failed to deliver, it will again come back to bank and then the bank will transfer the refund online. I got a call from the courier guy and as per bank instructions, I asked him to deliver the courier back to bank. I called up the bank(ICICI) yesterday regarding the same and they said that it is showing as delivered. How is it possible? They asked me to call back in evening, and since then I have tried like 100 times, but not able to reach out to the bank. Can anything be done regarding this? Thanks.

    • i don’t know why banks are not taking responsibility to their customers if you have not receive the cheque then it should be in your branch and the bank should provide it to you or refund money online as said by the courier guy. You can wait for 1-2 day more and visit bank for the same instead of this I have no clue what to do.

  119. hellow Kapil Ji,It is good that you are solving questions of DDA. Here is my problem please tell me what should I do.I am also unsuccessful as did not get flat of DDA. A cheque of Axis Bank from DDA Rs. 1 lac reached to my home. I submitted it into my saving account (Axis Bank) but problem is that at cheque after my name it is printed: PP1260/00097444 AXIS BANK HAPUR. and Bank person refused to submit it and asking me to go to DDA office to get correct cheque. Please tell me what should I do.

    • To be very honest it should be done via your bank but most of banks are not doing this at the moment don’t know why the last option is visit DDA head office for the correction or ask bank to re-issue new cheque.

  120. hi kapil.i have applied for ews flat,i made DD from union bank of india and submit my dda application form in PNB mayur vihar phase-3,i didnt get my refund when i go to PNB bank and asked about my refund,they said we cannot say anything about it,ask dda we are not responsible for this.what should i do?

    • Dhir you should contact the Union Bank of India for the refund as you have made DD from this branch no issue wait for few more days surely you will get the refund on your address or account automatically.

      • thanks kapil,but according to DDA booklet,where we have submit application form.we should get refund from that i already visited Union bank of india but i didnt get refund in my account.

        • Yes, you are right Dhir UBI should refund you money via online or cheque mode as soon as possible have they given any date??

  121. Hi Kapil,I submitted the money through ICICI bank and gave an NRI account number for the deposit. Now while the cheque has come in but the bank says they cannot accept an incoming deposit in INR in NRI account.Can you please suggest the solution? ThanksWarm RegardsNaina

  122. Hi Kapil,

    I had submitted the money through ICICI bank and gave an NRI account number for the deposit.

    Now while the cheque has come in but the bank says they cannot accept an incoming deposit in INR in NRI account.

    Can you please suggest the solution? Thanks Warm Regards Naina

    • As the bank is not accepting cheque you can ask to reissue new cheque from your bank or the last option have to visit DDA head office.

  123. Hi Kapil,I have tried calling Mr. Anish at 8586969235 but there is no response, is there any other number or email to contact him or any other Customer Relationship Manager for Kotak Mahindra Bank? Can I get it corrected in Bangalore?About the option of opening a new Joint Account, the new account number will be different again from the one mentioned on the Cheque, so it will again need a correction.

    • Not have any other contact number however you can call on toll free number of Kotak Mahindra Bank or take help of your customer relationship manager to resolve this problem.

  124. Hi Kapil,I have applied for DDA flat and recently for this message from ICICI:\”We have send the dda refund for your application no XXXXXX vide cheque number XXXX from vide express courier awb number.\”Its been 2 weeks now and I have not received the cheque. Also, the contact help number they provided in always busy.Please advise what to do.Thanks for your help.Regards,Anuj

  125. Hi Kapil, I submitted the DD of Rs. 100000/- for DDA flat but unfortunately not get flat. my friend also try for this but same as me, my friend which was try to dda flat there money has return by DD . But my DD not come still. when it will be come and what is the processor get the amount……….

  126. Hi Kapil,I paid the DDA amount of 1 lakh through online mode of axis bank and my allotment was unsuccessful.Till now I have not recieved any refund amount so today I went to axis bank and asked the status of DDA amount I paid.The bank manager was not having any idea about my refund.I told her my transaction Id as well.I have no idea whom to contact in such case.I am bit helpless.Please provide your valuable comments..

    • As the branch manager have no idea about you refund then how can I let you know Anuj Ji however i can advise you to wait for few more days hope you receive the refund cheque soon.

  127. Hi sir i have deposit the registration amount throgh DD of indian overses bank in corpotration bank ,as i was not the draw winner i still waiting for refund.please provide your comments.THANKS & REGARDS( K.L. BHOJWANI )

  128. Hi I have applied for DDa flats though ICICI bank online, I got the refund check on my wife\”s account in union bank of india and NRE acount, now the UBI is telling u can not deposit the cheque as this is NRE account, before applying I contacted ICICI bank and they told it can be refunded in NRE account. cheque is issued by ICICI Bank Green Park Branch. Kindly suggest me what I shuld do, As I leave Abroad it hard for me to travel to branch.Please provide me if any direct no. of the person responsible in icici bank green park. Thank You

    • I have following contact details of ICICI nodal branch ICICI Bank – Mr. Gaurav Kishore – +91-11-33667777 / 41718000, +91-11-30278842.
      If they denied to resolve your problem you can try ICICI customer care or call in the branch directly and speak with the customer relationship manager they should help you in this regard.

  129. Hi,
    Applied for DDA via HDFC bank.As i was out of country so the DD is not received and returned back.Now what is the procedure to get the monmey.
    HDFC bank is not responding.

    • If the cheque is refund then it should be in your Branch and you can ask from them for the same if they are not taking any responsibility not to worry wait for few days then will refund money online in your account.

  130. Hi sir I have submitted my DDA form in axis bank vishwas nagar Shahdara Delh…sir I have submitted my correct a/c no in DDA form bt when I had received the cheque of axis bank they have written wrong a/c no of mine insted of 501 they have written 201…sir what to do plz guide me…

    • As the mistake is done by the bank then it should be correct by them call in Axis Bank Vishwas Nagar branch or visit and let them know the issue and ask to re-issue a new cheque accordingly if they denied to do so then last option is to visit DDA head office for the correction.

  131. Hi,

    I have applied for DDA via HDFC bank.I am in Pune.My DD is not received as I was out of country….after tracking i came to know that It is returned back.Now I don’t know in which branch of HDFC my cheque is.and also the number provided of HDFC bank’s concerned person on DDA website is not picking calll….sir please suggest in how long time that money will be credited in my account online or else whom should i contact as my DD is in Delhi and i am in pune…Please suggest…hoping for appropriate guidance…

    • The amount will credit in your account within a week if not then call the toll free helpline number of HDFC bank and tell them your story they will let you know in which branch your cheque is.

  132. Hi
    I had applied DDA housing thorough Axis Bank online but received DDA refund cheque from Axis bank instead of directly crediting into my account.
    I deposited the cheque in Axis bank on 13th jan-15 but still it is not credited into my account. When i contacted the customer care they intimated it is showing as status Cheque stopped from issuer.
    In above case to whom i need to contact. When i asked for reason for stopping cheque they dont know.
    My DDA applicant name is Sankar Govindarajalu, hence i received the cheque with name “Sankar govindarajalu” with “correct account number” though which i paid the registation fees for DDA, but as per my bank detail my name is sankar g.Is this mite be the reason for stopping of cheque by issuer.
    Please help and guide me to solve this issue.

    • Sankar it could be reason as your bank account name is Sankar G I can suggest you to visit the nearest axis branch and speak with them they will surely credit the amount in couple of days in your account.

  133. Dear Kapil,

    Kindly share tentative date/month etc of getting refund amount i.e. rs. 1 lac?
    With Regards
    Renu gupta

    • The tentative date of DDA refund is 28th February 2015 however if you did not receive your refund till February then DDA will pay you 18% rate of interest per annum.

  134. Hello Sir,

    I would like to confirm that DDA refund has been done? My brother is saying that he has not get refund amount is it true i think he is lieing.

    • Hello Deepa I am sure that your brother is telling lie to you or he is not aware about the DDA refund very well the last date of DDA refund is 28 February 2015. however if you not received the refund in the end of February DDA will refund your money with 18% per annum interest. So whatever the case is you will deferentially receive the refund and the thing is how can DDA official or any other govt organization can keep your money without any reason.

  135. I have applied for competitive exam through online that time money deducted from account. After 3 days money refunded without any information so the last date has been gone .when today I wanted my call letter .They your payment status unsuccessful .so what can I do it is my last chance how can I get call letter

  136. Hi Kapil,

    I have received the cheque but the problem is that Name on cheque is mine and my Wife’s account number because I paid amount through internet banking from my Wife’s account. Now HDFC in not taking responsibility. Please suggest what to do ?

  137. Hi,

    I am also in same situation. I applied on my father\’s and brother behalf and paid money online through ICICI & HDFC bank. I have received both the checks. Name on the check is of my father and brothers along with my ICICI & HDFC bank account number respectively.Did you find any solution to this problem.Can you please share details or procedure to rectify them.
    Appreciate your help

  138. Hi,I applied for DDA housing scheme \\’14 on behalf of my father and paid money using HDFC online.So far i didn\\’t recieve money refund.How long will it take for money refund?Thanks,Ranjeet

    • Call in the HDFC branch where your account exist or wait accordingly as most of the applicants already received the refund online direct in their account or via cheque so call your branch and do the needful.

    • Rajesh ji contact the bank through which you have applied if you have made the payment online then contact your bank from which your amount is deducted.

  139. Hi Kapil,

    I did not received my cheque yet.
    I paid the amount from online banking from HDFC acc, but I have provided PNB accounts details for refund.
    Please advice me PNB zonal office, where I can contact to track.

    Thanks Pravesh

    • Hello Pravesh as the amount deduct from your HDFC bank account then you should contact the HDFC bank account because you have made the payment online mode and sorry to say but I don’t have contact details of zonal offices of any bank but can recommend to you to visit nearest HDFC branch or call your customer relationship manager for the refund details.

  140. Dera Sir,

    i have lost my passward . so i m note abel to downlode my demand letter plz sir help me, my benk is not setefied with my downlode demand letter , i have 1 time downlode my demand letter than i have lost my passward so i want register my id in dda , can i get demand letter througtd dda ,sir plz help me without demand letter my band will not pass my lone ,

  141. Hey Kapil, I need your help. My DD has expired by a week do you know where should I apply? Can you give the contact information of DDA where I should file the application? Thanks in advance.

  142. Dear Sir

    I have paid the the whole DDA amount through SBI loan. Bank has also started deducting EMI from my Pay. Now i want to surrender the flat. I have given the application for surrendering the flat on June 19 2015. Please let me know will I be able to surrender the flat now. How much loss of money will be there.


    • Poonam G I am not DDA official just trying people like you to resolve their query via my best knowledge regarding the same issue for the refund you have to visit DDA head office once again and have to ask for the exact date of the refund. Thanks for posting your query.

  144. Dear Kapil,
    My DDA refund cheque issued by ICICI bank got lost and I tried contacting ICICI bank in bangalore but was of no help. They asked me to do number of paper works and they said they will send the document to the nodal branch in Delhi. When I visited them again they said the document did reach the nodal branch and has came back and its not their responsibility to re-issue the cheque. Bank is asking me to check with DDA and half of the DDA numbers are not working, if working no one is picking up the call and if received the call, they say its not their department and is banks responsibility
    Can you please advice me whom should I reach out in this case.
    Thanks in advance.

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