Bigg Boss Season 8 Grand Finale Contestants, Date & Time

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Bigg Boss is one of the popular reality TV shows in India as well as across the India. As the show is getting huge popularity from all over the world and already started the Bigg Boss Season 8 as on 21st of September 2014 and show is aired on Colors everyday between 9.00pm to 10.00pm.

Bigg Boss SEason 8 LogoBigg Boss 8 is hosted by the once again Salman Khan and it has lots of drama, twist and fun as Salman Khan promise in Bigg Boss Season 8 Promos. As the show is continue and get information that show will continue till 100 days. So can’t say anything about the finalists but we have some expected finalists which name given in below headline.

Bigg Boss Season 8 Grand Finale Top 3 Finalists/Contestants Name

Earlier I have updated the list of strongest contestants of Bigg Boss Season 8 and on the basis of it and users opinion here I am going to share the name of top 3 finalists name with you which are as follows:

  1. Gautam Gulati
  2. Pritam Singh
  3. Karishma Tanna
  4. Dimpy Ganguly
  5. Ali Quli Mirza

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Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale Date and Time

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the winner of #BB8 and that’s why wanted to know the exact date and time of grand finale of Bigg Boss Season 8 but unfortunately the Grand finale date and time is not confirmed by the Channel Colors so far once they confirmed it we will update it accordingly till then keep in touch and keep watching Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale 3 January 2015 confirmed

As the finale date is confirmed and BB8 got its 5 champions but still looking for the winner which will be announced on 31st January 2015. After the Bigg Boss 8 Finale Twist it become more excited and unpredictable to know the winner of Bigg Boss 8 as Five Challengers Enters in Bigg Boss House who will compete with the 5 Champions to won the winning title of BB8.

At the end don’t forget to tell whom you think going to win the Bigg Boss Season 8 the exist contestants of BB8 or any of the challengers as my point of view still Gautam & Pritam let see what others think.

Bigg Boss 8 Winner

50 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Season 8 Grand Finale Contestants, Date & Time”

    • After viewing several episodes of Bigg Boss I strongly believe now that Karishma will not be winner of BiggBoss house any how.

  1. After viewing several episodes of Bigg Boss I strongly believe now that Karishma will not be winner of BiggBoss house any how.Gautam will definetly win this show

  2. Gautam will definetly win this show.After viewing several episodes of Bigg Boss I strongly believe now that Karishma will not be winner of BiggBoss house any how.

  3. None of them are my fav. My fav was Diandra but she got evicted. I used to like Pritam but last week what ever he did with Dimpy,it was a shame.

  4. Please throw dimpy out of the show..she is damnnnnnnn irritating!!

    I wanted either praneet or pritam to win coz I guess they were d only contestants in the house who were playing a vry fare game.. But nw tat praneet is vote goes to pritam

  5. I hope Upen, Karishma, Sonali and Dimpy do not win it. Most irritating and annoying people. Sonali seems to be so desperate and Upen seems to be too eager to get around girls… Karishma is such a bitch & Dimpy is awful…
    Anyways Ali, Gautam and Puneet are good candidates to win it… Pritam was the favorite initially but got off track in between…

    • May be you are right but the what’s the point of the post is got by several people and such comments can’t stop me to write hope you will clear your thoughts I think you are favorite Karishma as she always says others contestants that they speaks only potty :). I am not forcing anyone to read or vote on the post if you like and think you should do vote then please do otherwise leave it as it is.

  6. i still blv tht even after tht one ugly episode, Pritam is da 1 who deserves to win… r just 2 despos. biggest bitches r puns n gulati…..ali is gud fun…..narad muni but he’l not win. karisma, upen n dimpy r 2 content hungry despo’s…..

  7. Yes n der is no doubt that da winner of bigg boss season 8 is da honest n fair gautam gulati..he is not lyk pritam n all who keeps on changing their stands n der mind..he is da best..We all love you gauti…

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