Top 10 Most Famous Haunted Places in Bengaluru

The IT hub of the country- Bengaluru has many ghost stories and is filled with a lot of haunted places. There are many places in the city which are surrounded by ghosts and then if you add the rumours you will surely run away from the place. Though the rumours can be true, but it can also be false. They can also be little exaggerated by the people who have been living in that particular place for years. But those who have experienced it knows it exactly how they felt at that moment. There are a lot of spooky places in the city, which can give you chills. Here is a list of Top 10 Haunted Places in Bengaluru.

10. Hoskote Route
Hoskote route is a haunted place, where an auto rickshaw driver has witnessed an old lady asking for life and she asked him to step out of the auto, but he did not and she started laughing loudly saying you just got lucky otherwise you’d have been dead.

09. Haunted Banyan Tree at Tiptur:
There is an old saying that says that the ghosts reside in the trees, and one such tree was in the Tiptur district. A ghost resided in the tree and possessed a lot of people. Finally the tree is burnt down.

08. The Park
It is one of the haunted places in Bengaluru, where it is said that the ghosts takes the human forms. And there was a family who visited the park daily, and one day the younger kid couldn’t do to the park, but his sister left already, the mother saw them playing together and while packing things, the boy suddenly disappeared and when they come home, the boy said he never left the house. This is too scary to be true. But the park doesn’t exist anymore.

7. NH4
It is one of the haunted places in Bengaluru, and it is creepy as well. It is said there is a ghost of young girl, who asks for a lift and suddenly disappears. A person who has experienced it says that the girl, a young girl asked for the lift and he stopped his car to give her the lift, the moment he asked her where she wants to go she just disappeared and came again laughing hysterically. The man jumped out of his car and ran for his life, and bumped into a wall, hurting himself.

6. Call Centre on MG Road
The call centre located at the MG Road, is one of the haunted places in the city. Years ago, a girl was killed in a drink and driving case and the driver left her there screaming for help. The office goers say that every year they hear a girl screaming every year on the same night.

5. The Bengaluru International Airport
The Bengaluru International Airport is one of the haunted places in Bengaluru. The pilots and the ground staff have witnessed a girl running on the runway, and whenever they went near her to enquire, she just disappears. And they have also witnessed a headless ghost near the escalators in the International Airport. So whenever, you go the airport at night, be careful.

4. Terra Vera, St Marks Road
Terra Vera is famous for its unusual noises, cold walls, inverted cross and many more things. The house belonged to two sisters Dolce and Vera Vaz and one fine day Dolce was murdered by an unknown person, and just after her demise, her sister has to move out. Since then there has been a lot of screaming, and crying that the passerby have heard. It is one of the haunted places in Bengaluru. The house has been demolished now, but the events continue.

3. Nale Baa
The story infolds that a guest will come at your doorstep, now it will be your call to either invite him or her or just let the door be closed. It was in the early 90’s when the people of Bengaluru were haunted by this evil spirit, who used to come at the doorstep, knock, call out the name and kill the person. So to prevent themselves from the ghost, the people had to write nale baa on their doors every day which meant come tomorrow. Scary enough for the people living there.

2. Victoria Hospital
This is one of the haunted places in Bengaluru. A lot of people have witnessed random things happening and moving in the hospital. The most common one that the people have witnessed is that there is a ghost in white clothes who sits on the tree and steals food. The ghost is harmless and all he/she needs is food as long as it is getting it, it is happy.

1. Kalpalli Cemetery

Kalpalli cemetery bangalore haunted places in indiaKalpelli Cemetery is the most haunted place in Bengaluru and also the scariest of all the places. A lot of people have seen a creepy looking man at odd times, also when they have crossed the place, they got eerie sounds and uncomfortable vibes. It is also said the people rise up from their cremation and walk on the ground. Anyone who witnesses this, will get sleepless nights for days.

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