Top 5 Best Inkjet Printer Brands in India with Price

It is really difficult to decide to buy the best printer because there are numerous types of printers in the market that makes us confused about what to buy and what to not. The basic choices while you are going to buy the printer are the Laser printers or the Inkjet printers. But with the numerous cons of the laser printers, the only choice that is left for you is to buy the inkjet printer. There are numerous types of the Inkjet printers that are best providers of the basic prints of the documents like the documents of Word, Excel or Web page in color or without color.

The inkjet printers provide you with the high quality of prints within the size of 8 x 10, and then the inkjet printers are the best option for you. Concerned about which inkjet printer to buy? Don’t worry; here is the list of the top 5 best inkjet printers that are available in India with the prices:

Comprehensive List of Top 5 Best InkJet Printers Brands in India

top 5 best inkjet printer brands india1. Samsung: last but not the least; Samsung is the one of the popular brands in the world that is having the quality products including printers. With its wide range of laser and inkjet printers in the market of India, Samsung have become the 5th best brand in India in regards to its quality in the printers. Starting from the price of 5000 to over 30000, you can have a wide variety of inkjet printers from any market in India.

2. Canon: holding the 4th place in our list, Canon is another famous well-recognized and the globally known brand for its high quality electrical products. Ranging from the price range of RS. 5000 to RS. 10,000, wide variety of quality canon inkjet printers is available in the market. From the simple to the touch screen technology, the inkjet printers from canon produce the high quality of images that you need.

3. Epson: another one of the popular brand in regards to the electrical appliances of the global scope is the Epson that is benefiting more than 20 countries with its quality products. Starting from the price of RS. 7000 to over RS. 22,000, Epson provides the best printers that have quality features and the high resolution results for your needs of prints.

4. Brother: surely, one of the best manufacturers of the printers, Brother is the proud supplier of the inkjet printers all across the world. It offers the numerous features for its consumers that make this brand one of the best inkjet printer brand all across the India. Within the price range starting from RS. 5000 to RS. 31,000 you can select you ideal printer by remaining in your budget.

5. Hewlett Packard (HP): the best supplier of the Inkjet printer in India is the Hewlett Packard that is lovingly known as HP. Wide the wide variety of features and the options in the inkjet printers from this brand, you can select the one that fits exactly to your needs. Its amazing prices staring from only RS. 1000 up to 20,000 in India makes it the best brand.