What is the Meaning Your Dreams

Have you seen something strange in your dream and want to know what the meaning of your dream is? Then this post could help you in a manner. I have read several articles and website which are sharing the meaning of dreams and picked up maximum option and gathered all the things which one can see in the dream. I know may be something is missed by me and you found that I did not mentioned about any dream which I should then please let me know with your valuable comments at the end of the post.

What if I see Ghost in my dream?

It’s not a good sign at all. If you see ghost in your dream it’s meaning something is no longer obtainable or within reach.
Instead if you see in the dream that you turn into a ghost it allude that you are desperate to escape from situation. If you see a person, friend, relative or anyone you know as a ghost in dream denote that you are feeling in danger of malice acts by that person.

What if I see Death/Dying/illness in my dream?

There could be different meaning of Death/Dying/illness. Some believes that it indicate positive or long life. If a unhealthy person see dream of illness or death has the positive results.
Other people believe that it’s a subconscious contemplation of your morality or it can even symbolize an end, absence or change in your life. Dreaming about the death of someone you love could mean that this person is no longer in your life or your relation endings.

What if I see Water in my dream?

Seeing water in dream is good sign because it reflects renewal, change and purification accompanying a change in consciousness or some life transformation.
If you found yourself in the water it means you are not honest yourself.

What if I am falling in my dream?

These dreams are common among people who are depressed, as it could mean potential harm in relationships, career, finances, or anything else.

What if I am flying in my dream?

Flying in the dreams represent to “freedom momentum, or a lack thereof.”

What if I see being chased in my dream?
What if I see naked in public in my dream?
What if I see animal in my dream?
What if I see snake in my dream?
What if I see my mother in dream?
What if I see flowers in my dream?
What if I see blood in my dream?
What if I see forest in my dream?
What if I see tunnel in my dream?
What if I see umbrella in my dream?

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