How To Choose Best ATM/ Debit / Credit Card Swiping Machine (POS) in India

how to choose best atm debit credit card swipe machine in indiaTraders across the nation after Demonetization know the need to install the Swiping machine for different card ranges in order to maintain the flow of trade and offer convenient payment option to the customers. The dream of cashless society needs to be incurred with your own ways to pay tribute for the revolution with your minimal but countable participation and approach.

We will surely help you to buy the best available option as the Card Swiping Machine or POS service in India. The key features discussed are needed to be considered and share with others in order to choose the best available option.

Key Features to keep in mind

  • One of the main thing to note down while buying Card Swiping Machine is the range of cards it accepts for payment. For instance, you buy a Card Swipe Machine that accepts just two or three cards option will be a beneficial infraction. Just see it avails payment with Master Card, Visa, American Express, RuPay, and Maestro.
  • Documentation process for the card should be minimal as the hectic process for the machine. In order to save time choose the machine offered with least documentation process and least authentication period time. More period as the authentication process means more days without business so ask about the process in advance.
  • Security should be given utmost priority, choose the card swiping machine with advanced protected transaction process. Choose the POS with encrypted Smartphone transaction details with customized details to be disclosed to you only with the help of Merchant ID on site.
  • Connectivity should be the other most important thing as without better and strong connectivity via Smartphone and Bluetooth transaction cannot be made easy or possible.
  • Cost effective, always you want to buy the best with least price. POS Machine and Swiping machine carries a different range of charges as installation, monthly, annually or per card minimal fees. Just choose the all facility based Swiping machine available with least charges applicable.
  • Most of the card swiping machine works incompatibility with the current account or with the minimum Card Transaction history per month of INR 50,000. Just keep the thing in mind to choose the least complex machine that offers easy credit in an account with no further conditions that may later lead you to trouble.
  • Card Swiping Machine or POS should work with NEFT transaction and there are no conditions to open any new account for the transaction. The usual merchant friendly POS and Swiping machines offer easy credit of the transaction made to your shared bank account and offer transaction money to be credited the day in 12 hours or maximum the other working day.
  • Wireless working condition and better battery life just like any other gadget will be beneficial for your Swiping Machines, as merchants need to hand over the machine to the customers in order to let them register their ATM PIN. So wireless working and better battery life are also needed.

We Hope the article offers an answer to all leading question based on the Card Swiping Machine or POS and you are now Pro Grade Merchant with all leading knowledge.

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