List of things which prices will make more expensive after 1st June 2015

The finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitely increase the service tax rate from 12.36% to 14% which will take effect from 1st of June 2015 due to which several things prices will be hike and therefore here I am with the list of things which prices are hike as well as also listed things which become cheaper for common people in 2015 in India.

Eating Out at Restaurants
All those family, youth or friend circle who enjoying parties or like to eat in restaurants once in month or any special day is bad news that service tax is increase due to which you have manage or reduce eating out as service tax increase from 12.36% to 14%.

Stay in Hotels
If you are one of those who have to stay in hotels due to business purpose or any other purpose then you have to increase your budget as hotel service is also going to expensive from 1st of June 2015.

Cable and DTH Services
Your monthly cable rent will be higher from 1st June now several people will reduce the number of TV channels or looks for some best packages.

Mobile & Telephone Bills
If you are using any landline telephone or a user of postpaid connection then you will higher bill then previous month and for sure some of you will look for some other plans. So that, can use it properly.

Beauty Parlours
It’s something which directly impact to Indian women because all beauty products and visiting beauty parlour will become costlier for the ladies.

Air Travel
Travelling by air will become costlier for all after 1st June 2015.

Hiring Cabs
Do you use cabs for your office or to visit any other place ooopps then its news for you too because the prices for hiring cab is expensive.

Courier Service
Sending courier to someone also become little expensive.

Credit & Debit Card Service
Well there are several people who are using Debit or credit card but in coming month service charges of using debit card and credit card become costlier for all. So use your debit and credit card service carefully excess use could be expensive for you.

Dry Cleaning of Clothes
Start washing your clothes at home because the charges of dry cleaning of clothes will be higher soon.

Other products like stock broking, internet service,  asset management and insurance and a host of other activities that require a availing of service from another party will become expensive. Instead of listed products some tobacco products prices will be hike as well due to increasing the excise duty rate.

Hope I will get some products with higher prices soon however if you think I should list the product for which you are looking for can leave it in comment box and offcourse what is your opinion about this union budget.

As Mr. Arun Jaitely said about this budget “To facilitate a smooth transition to levy of tax on services by both the Centre and the States, it is proposed to increase the present rate of service tax plus education cesses from 12.36 per cent to a consolidated rate of 14 per cent

Below I have listed a table in you can see both Expensive Vs Cheaper things in Union budget 2015-16 and love to hear from you about this via your valuable comments.

Costlier Vs Cheaper things list in 2015-16 Union Budget

Expensive Things in 2015
Cheaper Things in 2015
Cigarettes and other tobacco products Locally made mobile phones, LED/LCD panels, LED lights and LED Lamps
Business and executive class air travel Solar Water heater
Completely built imported commercial vehicles Tablet computers
Plastic bags and sacks Microwave ovens
Visit to amusement and theme park Leather footwear priced above Rs 1,000 per pair
Music concerts Refrigerator compressors
Cement Visit to museums, zoos and national parks
Aerated, flavoured drinks and packaged water Agarbattis
Liquor, chit fund Pacemakers, ambulance and ambulance services
Lottery Peanut butter, packaged fruits and vegetables

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  1. If the prices of services and products are raising by the increased service tax then it will be somehow beneficial for the better development. With the increased rates of hotels, restaurants and other things the quality of service will also be increased.

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